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12 Best Transcription Business that Hire Beginners

Are you trying to find a work from house task to make some extra money monthly? Do you think you’ll be proficient at transcribing audio and video into text? You can make thousands each month being a transcriptionist if this sounds basic enough for you!

This task is perfect for anyone who is looking for a side hustle to supplement their income. If you’re new to transcribing, but want to provide it a shot, here are some of the very best transcription companies that hire novices!

What is a Transcriptionist?

A transcriptionist is someone who listens to audio and transforms it to written text or reports. Typically, a transcriptionist is required to transcribe legal, other or medical kinds of audio (interviews, reports, manuscripts, teleconferences, telephone conversations etc.) into text.

A few of the abilities required to be an excellent prospect for this task is attention are accuracy and information, an excellent ear for listening and exceptional keyboarding skills. You need to likewise have an extraordinary command of language, as your punctuation, spelling and grammar will require to be up to par.

Usually the pay is based on the length of the recording– that is, the majority of business pay per minute of the audio that requires transcribing. For instance, if the rate is $1 per minute of audio, you’ll be paid $60 to transcribe a clip that is 1 hour long– no matter for how long you require to do the transcription. Got it?

Just how much do Transcriptionists make?

Normally, transcriptionists are paid well but incomes differ from business to business. Legal and medical transcriptionists are frequently paid the highest wages but because transcribing is a flexible job, you can quickly make $3000-$ 4000 each month by putting in the hours.

Certainly, the more you work, the more cash you’ll make so what you make depends on you. If you’re a dedicated worker then transcribing may be ideal for you!

Transcription Courses to Get you Begun

If you’re brand-new to transcribing, but feel that this is the genuine deal for you, you may wish to look into taking some courses to assist you improve and make money quicker.

Thisfree General Transcription Mini-Course can assist you start by offering you with a load of important details to ensure that you have the best head start to your transcriptionist profession!

If you think you ‘d choose a course that concentrates on legal transcription (legal transcriptionists typically make more cash!) , have a look at thetotally free Legal Transcription Mini-Course instead!

Or why not take both? They’re free!

Getting Begun

So you have actually chosen that you want to pursue becoming a transcriptionist but have no experience in this field … All of us know that companies these days have crazy expectations like desiring a 20 year old with 35 years experience.

Today day job market is difficult, especially for newbies. Don’t you fret,you can still master your brand-new profession as a transcriptionist!Check out these companies that really work with beginners!

12 Best Transcription Companies that employ Beginners

1. Rev Transcription

Rev logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

Rev Transcription is a business which pays for transcriptions, captions and foreign subtitles..

This business boasts of being relied on by over 100 000 consumers throughout all industries including media outlets like The New York City Times., top colleges, huge names in the legal industry and marketing business such as VISA.and Amazon..

Rev permits people to work from remote places, anywhere in the world. Their platform is extremely easy to use and getting new transcription tasks and sending completed records is an extremely easy procedure. They even have a forum for transcribers to communicate and share views.

Payments are made weekly via PayPal and work is constantly readily available, so Rev makes is extremely simple to make some additional cash every month!

To get begun, you’ll have to finish a short workout to check your Grammar skills, then transcribe a simple audio clip by typing what you hear. Once you pass this test, within 48 hours you can get started as a transcriptionist.

Sign up to begin earning with Rev today. !

2. Speechpad

Speechpad logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

Speechpad is another business that pays for transcription, basic captions and premium captions. Their sign up process takes less than 5 minutes to finish however they have a few different tests that you’ll need to do prior to you can start with genuine transcription tasks..

All you need to get begun is actually your computer and a reliable internet connection. You’ll also get to choose when and for how long you desire to work.

Typically transcribers earn money anywhere from $0.25– $2.50 per minute of audio and translators can anticipate to make money anywhere from $2.00– $5.00 per minute of audio. They likewise carried out a Bonus Program that lets remarkable transcribers make even more cash!

Register to start earning with Speechpad today. !

3. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription Logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

GMR Transcription was established in 2004 and permits transcriptionists to transcribe scholastic, legal and business audio, video and podcasts. This company only hires transcriptionists from the U.S. but does not need any experience to begin..

Transcriptionists are allowed a versatile schedule and typically earn in between $1000 to $3000 per month.!

4. Scribie

scribie logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

Registering with Scribie takes less than one minute! You’ll have to go through a test procedure and then get certified as a transcriber (they make this procedure simple for you!) as soon as you sign up.

Their payment rates are anything from $5 to $25 per audio hour and they also pay a monthly perk of $5 for every 3 hours completed. Payments are made through PayPal and they employ transcribers from worldwide as soon as your country is supported by PayPal.

Payments are made on an everyday basis. The more tasks you do, the more you’ll get paid.

Scribie makes it incredibly easy to work from home at your own convenience! All you have to do is listen to the audio files, type it as accurately as possible and make money! Easy much?

Sign up to begin making with Scribie.

woman drinking coffee and working on laptop on bed - best transcription companies that hire beginners

5. GoTranscript

GoTranscript logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

GoTranscript employs transcriptionists from around the globe to work versatile hours from home. Payments are made every Friday via PayPal and Payoneer and there are a range of tasks to choose from. You can literally transcribe a police examination one day and transcribe a book research the next!

To begin, you’ll first need to transcribe an offered video as a test so they can determine if you appropriate for the job. But no concerns, when you have excellent English abilities, you’re excellent to go!

Even if you fail the test job the first time, GoTranscript will let you try again a few days later on. They truly do make it simple for beginners with no experience to start as a transcriptionist!

Register to begin making with GoTranscript today

6. Quicktate

Quicktate logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

Quicktate provides a large range of tasks for transcriptionists to finish. These consist of anything from easy order of business, voicemails, letters and memos, to the more complex medical reports and insurance matters..

To begin, you’ll need to pass a test, but other than this no experience or particular certification is required to get the ball rolling. They offer a versatile schedule and pay weekly by means of PayPal.

7. AccuTran Global

AccuTranGlobal Logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

AccuTran Global is based in Canada and was established in 2002. They provide real-time captioning jobs, CART (Communications Access Real-time Translation) services, transcription jobs, voice writing and scoping. Once you’re approved, you might have to transcribe monetary, medical, legal, interviews and numerous other kinds of audio.

Accutran Global does not constantly accept applications however when you struck the use button, you will be alerted of the date that the application process will be reopened. You will need to mark off your calendar and revisit the website on this date to start your application process, to get more info and to get preliminary testing material.

8. Appen

appen logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

Appen is based in Australia and work with work-at-home transcriptionists worldwide. There are some easy tests that require to be completed in order to get begun, but no transcription experience is required. Being able to speak more than one language is an asset and is a skill that will benefit you and help you make more.

What is various about Appen nevertheless, is that it isn’t as flexible as the other transcription business because you are needed to operate at least 10 hours each week once you join them.

woman working on laptop with headphones in ear - best transcription companies that hire beginners

9. CastingWords

CastingWords logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

CastingWords is another online transcription business that is perfect for somebody who is a beginner transcriptionist. This transcription business was developed in 2005 and offer a range of tasks for transcriptionists. Payments are made weekly (every Friday) via PayPal.

With CastingWords, you’ll get to total jobs online, at your own pace. There’s no minimum variety of hours needed to work, so this business is totally versatile. You can in fact work as little (or as much) as you desire!

There are a few requirements to be approved as a transcriptionist by CastingWords, for example, you need to be at least 18 years of ages and reside in one of the countries listed. here. .

10. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

TranscribeMe is yet another transcription business that is willing to employ beginner transcriptionists. As normal, legal and medical transcriptionists make greater, with the top transcriptionists earning as much as $2200 per month! Clearly, the more you work, the more you’ll make.

Payments are credited to your WorkHub account and you can move to your PayPal each week. Working schedules are versatile without any minimum or maximum variety of hours required. Daily work is not ensured so I suggest that you sign up as a transcriptionist with other sites.

11. TigerFish

Tigerfish logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

Tigerfish provides a vast array of jobs for transcriptionists to work on however you need to be a U.S. person or legal citizen to be approved.

To start, you will have to read their Transcription Design Guide, transcribe their sample audio (which includes 3 sections– a focus group, a presentation and an interview) and after that apply according to the guidelines on their website..

woman working on laptop by large window - best transcription companies that hire beginners

12. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription logo - best transcription companies that hire beginners

Daily Transcription supplies tasks for transcriptionists, captioners or subtitlers and bilingual Spanish transcriptionists. When and wherever you desire, this company enables you to have versatile hours and you’re able to work.

Payments are made weekly and once approved, you’ll get training, coaching and feedback so that you can enhance your skills and earn even more!.

They just work with transcriptionists who live in the U.S. and Canada. However, factor to consider will be provided to multilingual transcriptionists, translators and captioners who live outside of this area.

Daily Transcription hires both new and knowledgeable transcriptionists and is a perfect choice for anybody trying to supplement their earnings by working from house..

Picking to Work from Home as a Transcriptionist

All in all, becoming a transcriptionist is a perfect option for anybody who wishes to make some additional money every month. Whether you’re a mama who wishes to make some money and still be a full-time remain at home mom, or you’re somebody attempting to stop living paycheck to paycheck, these transcribing tasks can be done from throughout the world and at any time of the day.

When you find a job that allows you to work and get paid according to YOUR schedule and YOUR requirements, it’s remarkable.

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Have you ever been a transcriptionist prior to? Are there any ideas you can share to assist someone who is just getting begun? Share with us in the comments listed below. We would like to speak with you!

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