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150 Beginner Freelance Writing Jobs From Home ($100+!)

As a beginner freelance writer, you might think that $20 is good pay.

Someone paying you to do what you already love doing?

Sounds like the dream, and you’ll take whatever you can get!

Most of us have accepted that $20 per blog post rate so happily you would think that the editors were doing us a favor.

…Except they’re definitely not.

People pay you to write, not because they want to support the arts, but because they need your content.

You are providing them a service and fulfilling a gap in their professional needs.

Once you realize this, you can see that $20 (or $30, $40, $50) is not good pay for work that is often research and time intensive.

If you are consistently delivering great work and making editor’s lives easier while driving traffic to their websites, you deserve much more.

And this blog post will prove how doable it is to make $100 your minimum and constantly strive for more, even as a beginner freelance writer with no experience.

Keep reading for a list of 150 freelance writing jobs from home that will actually help you pay the bills while fulfilling you creatively!

150 Amazing Freelance Writing Jobs From Home That Pay $100+ Each (Get Paid to Work From Home – Even as a BEGINNER!)


freelance writing jobs from home beginner

1. Autostraddle: Cover queer/transgender lifestyle

Pay: Up to $150

This queer and transgender lifestyle magazine focuses on everything from beauty to entertainment and politics. They want pitches ( click here to see examples of successful pitches! ) from the demographic they represent and are especially keen to hear from POCs.

2. Bitch Media: Make money from your pop culture obsessions

Pay: Up to $150-$1,000

Bitch Media is all about feminism and pop culture. They accept personal essays, opinion pieces, and reported stories, as well as photo essays and illustrations.

3. Briarpatch Magazine: Shine light on social issues

Pay: $250

This publication covers all things social justice. They want stories on ecology, grassroots organizations, gender equity, and indigenous struggles.

4. Dame Magazine: Write for a respected women’s magazine

Pay: Around $200

One of the most highly-regarded feminist magazines, Dame wants stories relevant to smart women who are interested in knowing about the world around them. News, politics, culture, and science are some of their topics.

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5. Femme Feminism: Explore fashion and feminism

Pay: Up to $100

Believing that fashion and feminism are not mutually exclusive, this website wants stories that explore their intersection.

Payment info is based on reports.

6. Food First: Delve into food justice issues

Pay: $300

The focus of Food First is figuring out ways to end food insecurity. Send over stories about people who are affected by this issues, possible solutions, and more.

Be aware that they don’t pay for blog posts, so make sure you pitch the other sections.

7. Huck Magazine: Write about radical culture

Pay: Up to $500

Describing itself as a magazine for those who are self-prescribed radical and independent, Huck covers culture, outdoors, arts, news, opinion, and profiles from an alternative lense.

8. Liisbeth: Showcase female entrepreneurs

Pay: CND$100-2,000

This Canadian magazine wants to help feminists entrepreneur succeed. It seeks profiles of business owners and changemakers, personal essays, service articles, investigative pieces, and more.

9. New Food Magazine: Get political about food

Pay: Up to $500

New Food Magazine wants to explore the intersection between food and politics. How is food production affecting international relations? How do politics affect who is most vulnerable to lack of nutrition and food sources? They welcome stories that shine light on such questions.

10. Color Bloq: Make content for queer & trans POCs

Pay: $200-$500

This magazine is for queer and trans people of color. It covers personal essays, promotes the work of visual artists, and accepts reported pieces.

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11. Yes! Magazine: Showcase solutions to world issues

Pay: $300+

Yes! focuses on societal problems that range from the environment to immigration crises and the violation of human rights.

They don’t want just a description of the issues, but also solutions to them.


freelance writing jobs from home beginner 2

12. 60 Inches From Center: Shine a spotlight on art in Chicago

Pay: Up to $100

This arts magazine centers around culture in Chicago. They are especially open to stories about marginalized voices, and seek submissions from minority writers.

13. Art Papers: Give wind to your inner art critic

Pay: Up to $320

Art papers looks for interviews, reviews, features on an artist or an artwork. It also publishes original photography and pieces.

14. Critical Read: Show off your art history knowledge

Pay: $4,000-$5,000

Critical Read wants bios on artists that explain a specific piece or a collection of work.

Their definition of art encompasses music, dance, theater, and visual art.

15. Inuit Art Quarterly: Write about Inuit art

Pay: $200-$1,200

As its name suggests, this magazine’s focus is Inuit art. They want news, reviews, and other related content.

They pay $200 for online articles. Rates for their print magazine are $250 for reviews and $1,200 for features. Make sure you’re following pitching best practices to land this gig and others that pay the big bucks!

16. Offscreen: Put your film knowledge to good use

Pay: CND$150

If you’re a film aficionado who wants to share your thoughts on movies, or write reports from film festivals, this is a great place to go.

They are looking for pieces 1,000-2,000 words in length.

17. Professional Artist: Connect with other visual artists

Pay: Up to $600

Covering the business-related aspects of being a professional artist, the magazine delves into everything from marketing, making sales, and useful online tools.

18. The Artist’s Magazine: Share your passion for art

Pay: $400-$800

As the name suggests, this is a magazine for artists by artists. They are looking for people who understand technique and who can write how-tos, interviews, and reports on exhibitions and art-related events.


freelance writing jobs from home beginner 3

19. American Forest Magazine: Honor the people helping forests

Pay: $500-$1,300

This magazine is all about forests in America. They are open to freelance submissions that highlight the people who maintain forests, as well as relevant science and policy pieces.

20. Earth Island: Give free reign to your eco-warrior self

Pay: $100

Earth Island covers anything having to do with environmental issues.

They seek pieces on technology, policy, profiles, public health, cultural survival, and more.

They pay $100 for online pieces, and 25 cents per word for print.

21. Ensia: Contribute to conversations about the future

Pay: $560-960

Ensia claims to be a magazine for those who seek a better future. They want stories on solutions rather than just discussions of the problems.

22. Green Lifestyle Magazine: Cover environmental issues

Pay: AU$150-$1,500

This Australian magazine is all about sustainable living. They want profiles on trail blazers, useful infographics, travel, and more.

23. Hakai Magazine: Put coastal ecosystems on the spotlight

Pay: $180-$3000

Hakai publishes on the science of coasts and their ecosystems. They want well-researched articles and have a long lead time.

24. National Parks: Write stories about American nature

Pay: $1/w

This high-paying and highly-respected magazine covers topics having to do with American National Parks.

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25. Sierra Magazine: Bring positivity to the discussion

Pay: $250-$2,000

Belonging to the Sierra Club, this magazine seeks to bring positive stories to the discussion of environmental conservation.

Their departments include Enjoy, Explore, and Protect.

26. Tenderly: Write about veganism

Pay: $200

Tenderly focuses on vegan lifestyle. They cover a wide array of topics, including environmental justice and animal rights.

27. The Revelator: Bring awareness to environmental topics

Pay: $350-$500

This magazine covers climate change, pollution, and wildlife conservation. Stories should inform readers of things they don’t already know and cover national and international issues.


freelance writing jobs from home beginner 4

28. Affiliaise: Write about affiliate marketing

Pay: $1,000

Affiliaise is looking for bloggers with expertise on monetizing through affiliate marketing. They want useful advice on this topic, as well as stories on business and technology.

29. BMichellePippin: Share your business hacks.

Pay: Up to $150

This blogs seeks experts who have knowledge on how to build a profitable small business and how to hack your way through headaches and failures.

30. Elite Personal Finance: Help others with money

Pay: $100

If you’re a whiz at making budgets, understand investments, and have great ideas on how to make and save money, this website wants your expertise.

31. Forbes: Show your finance expertise

Pay: $1 per word

Forbes is the authority when it comes to business and finance. To break in, you need a story that is high-caliber and that has not been covered elsewhere. This is an online freelance writing job that may be more well-suited to writers who have some experience, so consider that before pitching!

32. Income Diary: Teach people how to make money online

Pay: Up to $200

Anyone who makes money online, works from home, or has a successful website is welcome to pitch to Income Diary to help others who want to do the same.

They note on their website that you should specify wanting to be paid when you send your pitch.

33. Income Voices: Share tips on how to make money online

Pay: Up to $100

If you have been successful at making money from home and online, Income Voices wants your knowledge and advise.

34. Money Pantry: Use your money-making creativity

Pay: Up to $150

Money Pantry doesn’t want typical stories on how to make and save money. Instead, they’re looking for creative, perhaps unheard of ways that you have managed to do so. The more creative, the better.

35. Remark Me: Give your money making ideas

Pay: Up to $100

Remark Me focuses both on making money and saving money, covering diverse topics like working from home, passive income, and tech.

36. Smart Business Trends: Show off your marketing knowledge

Pay: $100-$200

This blog covers all aspects of online marketing. They accept guest posts and useful tutorials on email marketing, WordPress, and other relevant tools.

37. The Freshbooks Blog: Give advice to small business owners

Pay: $200

Freshbooks helps freelancers and small business owners handle their finances, so it only makes sense that their blog would focus on this as well.

They explicitly want story ideas that cover topics they aren’t already addressing, and want submissions on-spec rather than pitches.

38. Toggl Blog: Put a spin on personal finance

Pay: $150-$500

Toggl is used by freelancers to keep track of the time they spent on tasks. Their blog focuses on aspects of working from home, freelancing, and personal finance.

They specifically ask for unusual takes on common subjects.

39. Working Money: Put your stocks to work even more for you

Pay: $180

If you have great knowledge of the stock market and have advice and commentary on trading and its trends, send your ideas over and help others increase their nest eggs.

Food & Drink

freelance writing jobs from home beginner 5

40. Bon Appetit: Report on the culinary world

Pay: $150-$500

This highly-respected publication is seeking deep and interesting reports on all things food.

They do not want reviews or recipes.

41. Eating Well: Talk about clean eating

Pay: $250-$3000

In harmony with its name, Eating Well wants to show the world how to eat more cleanly and sustainably.

They focus on health, recipes, and trends, but also accept travel stories.

42. Edible Seattle: Highlight the city’s food scene

Pay: $120-$300

This Seattle magazine wants to honor its city by showcasing its incredible food scene. They accept pitches for features, microbreweries, local artisans, and more.

43. Gastro Obscura: Open your culinary curiosity

Pay: ~$200-$450

Atlas Obscura’s popular food vertical seeks weird and wondrous stories that revolve about food. They do not want simply a mention of a weird food, as they have a places section for that, but rather stories in which food is a major character.

44. Imbibe Magazine: Write drunk, edit sober


Imbibe covers everything to do with drinks. From recipes to interesting history to reports.

Drinks covered need not be alcoholic.

45. Modern Farmer: Write about agriculture

Pay: $150

This magazine is for and about all the elements that are necessary for the agricultural process. It cares about the people who grow our food, but also policies, tools, and such.

This could be a great first-ever freelance writing job from home for you if you’re knowledgable about agriculture!

46. Oregon Coast: Help Oregon show off its cuisine

Pay: $225

This magazine focuses on the wonderful delights that can be found along the Oregon coast.

They have a food section that highlights local restaurants, as well as travel and shopping sections.

47. Plate: Add a big byline to your food portfolio

Pay: $1/word

Plate is a respected food magazine that accepts recipes, food and drink stories, and exclusive profiles.

48. The Salt: Contribute to NPR’s food blog

Pay: ~$250-$450

If you have an amazing food story of national interest (though not necessarily based in the US) submit it to this widely recognized blog.

49. Saveur: Merge your love of food and travel

Pay: ~$300-$600

Saveur publishes recipes, cultural stories, and pieces that explore the intersection of food and travel.

They want detailed pitches that include possible sources and your reporting plan.


freelance writing jobs from home beginner 7

50. Atlas Obscura: Explore the world’s curiosities

Pay: $300-$500

Making a name for itself in the realm of the weird and the curious, Atlas Obscura wants your random knowledge, interesting facts, and unknown stories.

Stories should have a strong sense of place (hence, Atlas), and a clear narrative arc.

51. Contingent: Feed the history nerd within

Pay: $250-$500

If you love history but are not too keen on dry, academic writing, this might be the place for you. They want articles written in an interesting and accessible voice, and want unique takes on historical events.

52. Cricket Magazine: Address tomorrow’s leaders

Pay: $150-$450

Addressing children 9-14, this magazine publishes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction stories. They seek to engage and stimulate the young mind, and do not want submissions that assume children should be spoken down to.

They publish calls for submissions throughout the year.

53. Damn Interesting: Monetize your trivia knowledge

Pay: $150

Damn Interesting lives up to its name by sharing stories about things that make people wonder how the world can be so weird and, well, interesting.

They don’t want occasional contributors, but rather are seeking to build relationships with writers who are passionate about their work.

54. Discover Magazine: Break science news

Pay: $200+

Discover covers general interest topics pertaining to science. Examples include technology, health, environment, and space & physics.

Rate varies widely, but you can expect at least $200.

55. Early American Life: Show off your historical expertise

Pay: ~$500

If you are passionate about life in America from its founding to the mid-1800s, this magazine wants your knowledge.

They have a long editorial process, and want pieces that cover history, travel, antiques, architecture, and crafts.

56. Gay Magazine: Get paid for cultural criticism

Pay: $1,200-$3,000

The lovechild of Medium and Roxane Gay accepts personal essays that offer deep and insightful cultural criticism.

They have themes for each issue, so you have to be on the lookout for calls for submissions and theme guidelines.

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57. Harper’s Magazine: Show your creativity to the nation

Pay: <$500-$5,000

One of the most respected general interest national magazines, Harper’s accepts fiction and nonfiction, as well as art, photography, and illustration.

One quirk of the magazine is that they still accept submissions only through snail mail.

58. Legion Magazine: Write for Canadian military members

Pay: CAD$150-$1,200

This magazine’s audience is composed of veterans, families, and active members of the Royal Canadian Legion. They cover policies, humor, history, and general interests for this demographic.

59. Parabola: Cover myths, traditions, and religions around the world

Pay: Up to $400

This quarterly journal seeks stories centering around myths and religious traditions from diverse cultures.

They accept fiction, stories, translations, and nonfiction articles.

60. Religion Unplugged: Report on topics pertaining to religion

Pay: $100

Religion Unplugged wants stories, investigative reports, interviews, and in-depth pieces on religion.

61. Rolling Stone: Break into music writing

Pay: $300+

Rolling Stone is one of the most respected magazines in North America. Their main beat is music, but they also cover pop culture and politics.

62. Smithsonian: Contribute your general knowledge

Pay: ~$400 online

The online version of this well-known magazine accepts stories that cover history, science, culture, travel, and more.

63. The Wisdom Daily: Share your wisdom

Pay: Up to $100

This magazine wants stories on wisdom. This includes historical figures who have taught you a lesson from how they lived their lives, real-life people who you have interviewed, and your own soul searching.

64. Unemploymentville: Make money from your misfortunes

Pay: Up to $100

If you are currently unemployed or have been recently so, share your stories and advice on getting gigs, dealing with emotional pressure, and uncommon job searches.

This is a great chance to land a freelance writing job from home as you continue your job search (and get a byline out of it!).

65. USA Today: Share your opinions

Pay: $100-$370

USA Today is seeking letters for its opinions section. Subjects are wide and tend to be relevant to current events.

66. Wartime: Focus on Australian war stories

Pay: AU$300

Wartime covers all and any military conflict that has happened in Australian soil.


freelance writing jobs from home beginner 8

67. Adventure Cyclist: Give advice to fellow bike enthusiasts

Pay: $300-$1,500

The go-to magazine for cyclist who love exploring the world on bike. They are mostly looking for first-person stories about cycling trips, which should also include practical information for anyone looking to follow your route.

68. American Angler: Talk shop on fly fishing

Pay: $200-$600

A magazine that covers everything about fly fishing, from personal essays to gear to tips and tricks of the trade.

69. Coral & Amazonas: Write about aquariums

Pay: $100-$600

These two separate magazines are published by the same media group and share similar guidelines.

Amazonas focuses on how to make and upkeep freshwater aquariums, while Coral addresses marine aquariums.

70. Curbed: Write about everything related to housing

Pay: $1,000

Curbed focuses on housing and urbanity. They want personal essays, investigative reports, and analyses that deal with architecture, real estate, urban planning, and such.

71. Cross Country Magazine: Exploit your love of extreme sports

Pay: $300

This magazine publishes 10 times a year, and covers extreme aerial sports like paragliding, paramotoring, hang gliding, speed riding/flying, and more. They want information on competitions, great photos, and advice.

72. Medical Device + Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI): Help others in your trade

Pay: $150

If you’re in the medical device and diagnostic industry and have knowledge you’d like to share with others in the industry, this is your chance!

The magazine takes stories on trending topics, general advice, pieces focusing on career, and more.

73. Motor Home: Contribute your RV knowledge

Pay: $100-$900

Motor Home covers everything RV, from tips on maintenance, to travel stories, and profiles of prominent people from the community.

74. Refit Magazine: Talk about your boat with other enthusiasts

Pay: $300-$1,000

This magazine offers advice, techniques, and tools on how to repair and/or refit a boat. They also cover maintenance.

75. Rider Magazine: Share your motorcycle knowledge

Pay: $200+

Aimed at seasoned motorcycle enthusiasts, this magazine seeks experts on the topic. It publishes different topics but mostly seeks short and long form travel stories from new writers.

76. Solver Stories: Repurpose your love of puzzles

Pay: $200

Puzzles, and the way they change or shape people’s lives, are the topic of this New York Times’ column. Stories should always be true and your own.

77. Two Plus Two: Show off your poker skills

Pay: $200

Poker aficionados and masters of the game are invited to contribute stories, personality profiles, and strategies.


freelance writing jobs from home beginner 9

78. Abilities: Make inclusivity a reality

Pay: Up to $350

This cross disability lifestyle magazine seeks to provide relevant content for people with disabilities, who can be otherwise ignored in magazines of this niche.

They cover health, travel, inspiration, career, relationships, and more.

79. Better Humans: Inspire people to improve

Pay: $400

Better Humans’ mission is to help people optimize their lives.

Send over articles that cover how exactly to achieve something, be it finally having the motivation to exercise or learning how to stop yourself from self-sabotage.

80. Black Youth Project: Gear your work towards millennials

Pay: $100

Catering to Black millenials, this site publishes on topics that are relevant to this demographic. Race, culture, sexuality, and politics are some of their most popular verticals.

They also accept previously published work.

81. Bust: Share your stories with other women

Pay: Up to $100

Bust wants to give you a place to share all your stories, be they wacky, funny, or serious. They seek personal takes that speak to universal experiences of modern women.

82. Charleston Style & Design: Write about Charleston

Pay: $200

If you are based on or have deep knowledge of Charleston, you can contribute to this magazine, whose purpose is to provide residents and visitors a deep look into relevant topics.

They cover travel, design, food & wine, fashion, and more.

83. Chatelaine: Contribute to Canada’s #1 women’s magazine

Pay: CND$1/w

Chatelaine prides itself on being Canada’s most respected women’s magazine, and they cover all topics that would be of interest to this demographic.

They ask that you specify what section you see your story fitting into, and why readers would be interested in it.

84. Common Ground: Write for a Canadian audience

Pay: Up to CND$150

This general interest magazine publishes on several topics, but accepts pitches from freelancers on health, travel, and the environment.

They prefer submissions from Canadian authors.

85. Daily Yonder: Write about rural America

Pay: $200

With keeping it rural as its slogan, this magazine provides useful information for those living outside of big and medium-sized cities.

They cover politics, travel, health, food, and much more.

86. D Magazine: Put Dallas on the spotlight

Pay: $450

Centered around life in Dallas, D Magazine publishes stories on food and drink, travel, style, art, business, and more.

87. EQ: Use your knowledge of equestrian lifestyle

Pay: $100-$300

This magazine focuses on everything having to do with the equestrian lifestyle, and has a particular luxury slant.

They cover design, travel, profiles, events, and also accept fiction and essays that are relevant to their topic.

88. Greatist: Help dispel wellness myths

Pay: $120+

Greatist wants to cut through all the noise surrounding wellness and give their audience the grit of relationships, health, and life.

They are mostly interested in personal essays, fun and original listicles, and service pieces.

89. Healing Lifestyles: Share mindfulness tips and stories.

Pay: Up to $500

This website covers mindful existence, focusing on how to eat healthy, spa consciously, and live more mindfully.

90. Honolulu Magazine: Cater to Hawaii locals

Pay: $100-$1,800

This magazine is not about Hawaii, and it definitely is not for tourists. Rather, they cover topics that are of interest to Honolulu residents and locals.

They cover lifestyle topics like food, cultural events, travel, and real estate.

91. Long Island Woman: Break into print magazines

Pay: Up to $200

Published monthly in Long Island, this magazine focuses on topics that would interest women over 45. Their demographic is usually educated and well-off, and they want submissions to reflect this.

92. Spirituality & Health: Write about soul and body

Pay: $200-$500

This magazine prints six times a year and covers how spirituality and physical health are intertwined.

They want pieces on relationships, environment, food, meditation, mindfulness, and more.

93. THINX: Share your period stories

Pay: $125

Besides providing an eco-friendly female hygiene option, THINX wants to break down the taboos associated with periods.

Submit personal essays, think pieces, and advice relevant to people who menstruate.

94. Wellbeing AU: Go international with your writing

Pay: AU$150-$700

This print magazine welcomes submissions on sustainability, holistic health, and sustainability.

Personal Essays/Stories

freelance writing jobs from home beginner 10

95. Chicken Soup: Warm hearts with your story

Pay: $200

The Chicken Soup empire has been built on the stories of everyday people.

They publish multiple books per year and are always looking for submissions on them.

You can see upcoming books on their website.

96. Longreads: Go deep inside the story

Pay: $500

Writers who have problems keeping stories short are made for longreads, where you are given the space necessary to tell personal stories that require more depth.

97. Modern Love: Publish your story in the NYT

Pay: $300

Modern Love is a New York Times column that seeks stories about love in the modern world.

Stories don’t need to be about romantic love, but they should reflect a larger social theme, be impeccably written, and be your own personal experience.

98. Narrative Magazine: Submit to a literary magazine

Pay: $150-$400

Narrative Magazine accepts fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from aspiring and established writers.

They charge a nominal fee for unsolicited submissions to help cover the cost of evaluating them.

99. Narratively: Tell your most personal stories

Pay: $100-$300

This relatively new magazines focuses on personal stories and reported pieces driven by a clear and defined narrative.

100. Sasee: Share your life experiences with other women

Pay: $100-$200

Sasee wants personal essays and nonfiction stories that resonate with women of all ages and backgrounds.

101. Reader’s Digest: Summarize a true story in 100 words

Pay: $100

This national magazine looks for shocking stories that sound made up but that are completely true. And they want them in 100 words or less.

102. True Story: Have an entire edition to yourself

Pay: $300

This mini magazine publishes only one story each month. They don’t have specific themes or styles, but it must be true and must have not been published elsewhere.

103. Vox First Person: Pitch in to the understanding of the world

Pay: $500

Vox claims that its mission is to explain the news and one of the ways they do so is with personal essays that connect to the wider schemes of current events and politics.

104. Zora: Respond to a call for stories from Women of Color

Pay: $1 per word

The publishing world isn’t as diverse as one would hope, but Zora is trying to level the playing field by focusing exclusively on women of color, their experiences, and topics of interest to them.

Submit personal essays, opinion pieces, and cultural and political commentary.


freelance writing jobs from home beginner 11

105. America’s Quarterly: Report on Latin America

Pay: ~$300-$400

If you got the inside scoop on the latest happenings in Latin American politics, and can provide a detailed, well-written report that uses reliable sources, America’s Quarterly is interested in your stories.

106. Informed Comment: Cover news around the world

Pay: $100

This publisher specializes on news and politics in the Middle East and South Asia, as well as US foreign policy.

107. Folk Rebellion: Share a think piece

Pay: $150-$300

Folk Rebellion is looking for think pieces that cover culture, politics, and how the digital age affects them.

They have strict guidelines, so they should be read thoroughly.

108. Foreign Policy: Share your knowledge of world affairs

Pay: $250+

Foreign policy caters to readers who are well-read, well-informed, and curious. They want unique takes on world news, commentary on policy, and reported pieces that should be of interest to a wide and international audience.

109. Middle East Eye: Write about politics in the Middle East

Pay: ~$300

This magazine covers news, politics, and current events in the Middle East and North Africa. They want insider knowledge and well-sourced pieces.

110. New Internationalist: Focus on global justice issues

Pay: $150

As its name suggests, this magazine’s focus is on issues of international importance. They cover everything from gender inequality to food justice around the world, and want articles that reflect the range of their interests.

111. News Deeply: Go deep into underreported stories

Pay: ~300

News Deeply specially wants stories that cover oceans, refugees, Syria, women’s issues, malnutrition, and peacebuilding, but might be open to other topics. They want stories that have gone underreported or ignored by larger publications.

112. Overland: Cover social justice

Pay: $120

This progressive culture magazine covers news, opinions, and reports on issues of interest to North American readers.

They list some themes for which they are seeking submissions, but also accept pitches on subjects outside of these.

113. Point.51: Report on European affairs

Pay: €300

If you are knowledgeable about current affairs in Europe, or have exclusive insight into an issue of interest to citizens of the continent, pitch your story ideas to this magazine.

114. Radio Project: Brush up on your script writing

Pay: $450

If you are a versatile writer who wants to dab into the world of podcasting, send your story ideas here. Stories accepted are not simple news, but rather manage to delve deeply into an issue.

115. The American Scholar: Write for the Phi Beta Kappa Society

Pay: Up to $500

The range of what this quarterly magazine covers is broad, and public affairs is a big topic. Articles should keep in mind that the audience is knowledgeable and well-read.

116. The Diplomat: Write about the Asia-Pacific regions

Pay: ~$250

This magazine covers Asia and the Pacific, focusing on politics and news that would be of interest to an international audience.

Payment is by case, but it is around $250 according to reports.

117. The Ferret: Put on your investigator hat

Pay: $110

The Ferret is dedicated to investigative reporting that is pertinent to Scotland and its residents. Although the stories themselves do not have to be based in the country, they should somehow affect its residents.

118. World Politics Review: Influence policy makers

Pay: $250+

This magazine seeks news briefings and features that are useful for both people interested in politics and policies and those who have the power to make them.


freelance writing jobs from home beginner 12

119. A List Apart: Write about web design

Pay: $200

This website focuses on web design and development, but also accepts posts about creating web content.

120. Club House: Help developers with tutorials

Pay: $300-$400

If you know a thing or two about software development, and think you can help others code better, Club House wants to pay for your knowledge.

Rates are $400 for tutorials (more if you can include working code examples), and $300 for blog posts.

121. Digital Ocean: Use your knowledge of all things software

Pay: $300

If you’re a tech wiz that knows how to do anything related to server administration and software engineering, you could be making money from your knowledge.

Payment is for new tutorials, but if you see an existing tutorial that is outdated, they also offer a smaller payment for updates.

122. MIT Technology Review: Contribute to one of the best journals in the industry

Pay: $2,000-$4,000

MIT Review is well-respected and publishes nuanced, well-researched, and impeccably written stories about technology and how it affects society.

Payment varies according to each story, but reports note that it is usually $1-$3 per word.

123. Popular Mechanics: Publish your work in a centenarian journal

Pay: Up to $150 online, $200-$1,000 print

Popular Mechanics claims that it has been explaining how the world works since 1902. It focuses on everything from science and home electronics, to aerospace and flying.

Although the content sometimes deals with technical issues, they do not want articles written in specialized language and jargon.

124. Real Python: Teach others to code

Pay: $300

If you’re a real parseltongue and speak fluent Python, this website wants to pay you for stories, how-tos, and other practical information about this coding language.

125. Make tutorials for others.

Pay: $150

Got programing knowledge you’d like to share? This website accepts tutorials and articles that can help those new to the industry, or seasoned programmers looking to polish their skills.

126. SlickWP: Bank on your WordPress knowledge

Pay: $100

WordPress experts are invited to contribute with tutorials, plug-in reviews, and anything that might be helpful for people trying to navigate the sometimes-confusing system.

127. Source: Highlight newsroom technology

Pay $200-$500

If you have experience with developing tools used in newsrooms, or if you’ve had to deal with their issues, you can contribute to this highly-specialized magazine.

Pieces on how news are made and technical aspects of journalism are also welcome.

128. ToolsQA: Help answer people’s tech questions

Pay: Up to $100

This website seeks articles on everything related to software testing; including automation, tools, and more.


freelance writing jobs from home beginner 13

129. 101 Holidays: Get paid for travel itineraries and ideas

Pay: Up to £100

This British website seeks submissions on holiday ideas that their readers can follow.

They want to cover a variety of destinations and want unique ideas.

130.National Geographic Traveler:Write for one of the most respected magazines in the world

Pay: ~$375-$2,500

One of the most recognizable names in the industry accepts pitches from freelance. The magazine cover stories that range from well-detailed human interest reports to service pieces on how to travel better. They are looking for the best travel writers in the industry, so they expect freelancers to have national bylines and a mastery of language.

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131. BBC Travel: Break into a respected publication

Pay: ~$350-$600

BBC is a media giant with a worldwide audience. For their travel section, they are looking for in-depth stories for specific departments.

Their submission guidelines are very specific, so make sure you read them thoroughly.

132. Coastal Review: Praise the North Carolina coast

Pay: Up to $200

If you know and love the coast of North Carolina, submit interviews, stories, and green travel advice.

133. Enroute: Write for an inflight magazine

Pay: ~$100-$1,200

Air Canada’s inflight magazine covers news, events, profiles, culture, destinations and more.

Although their range of topics is broad, they should be pertinent to places on their flight routes.

134. Hawaii Magazine: Write for an award-winning magazine

Pay: Up to $600

As is obvious from the name, this magazine covers everything to do with Hawaii. It publishes stories on diverse topics from all islands.

135. Hemispheres: Contribute to United Airlines’ magazine

Pay: $1 per word

The magazine accepts freelance pitches for features, navigator, and diversions, with the two latter being the easiest to break into.

136. Miami Herald Travel: Write for a local newspaper

Pay: $250-$300

This local Miami newspaper wants travel stories that can be done in a weekend from its base town. They also focus on South Florida, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

137. Pack Smith: Share your packing tips

Pay: $100

If you can fit a month’s worth of clothes into a backpack and are an expert at keeping your bags light and organized, you can help fellow travelers to avoid the stress of overpacking.

138. Recreation News: Advertise cool events in DC and Baltimore

Pay: $300

This magazine seeks submissions on unique and interesting things to do in the Baltimore/DC area. Writers should be very familiar with the area.

139. Southwest: The Magazine: Publish your story in the air

Pay: $1 per word

Southwest seeks nonfiction stories that are of a narrative nature. They publish two of these in every issue.

140. Sunset Magazine: Show off your westcoast colors

Pay: ~$300-$1,500

Covering the American west, as well as British Columbia, and Mexico, Sunset wants travel ideas that are easy for readers to repeat.

They want destinations that offer a wide range of activities rather than niche ones.

141. The Culturist: Help others travel more consciously

Pay: Up to $100

This small publication wants to improve the way we travel, and wants travel writers who have fresh and insightful commentary on how to be more conscious and respectful of the cultures and nature we visit.

142. Travel + Leisure: Break into elite travel magazines

Pay: $2-$3 per word

Travel + Leisure is widely regarded as one of the best travel magazines in the world.

They are a leader in the industry and expect content pitches to reflect this.


freelance writing jobs from home beginner 14

143. Barefoot Writers Magazine: Get meta about writing

Pay $100-$300

Write about getting paid to write, and help fellow writers shake off the romantic idea of the starving artist.

They also want pieces on improving the craft of writing, and finding motivation.

144. Copy Hackers: Show off your copywriting knowledge

Pay: $325

If you’ve mastered the art of copywriting and want to share your knowledge with the world, this website is looking for someone like you.

Articles should help writers improve their skills and should be based on your own experience mastering the challenges of being a copywriter.

145. Craft Your Content: Let your entrepreneurial knowledge shine

Pay: Up to $150

This writer-centered magazine wants to explore all aspects of being a writer. This includes the creative part and the emotional labor that goes into it, as well as the more technical side of approaching your writing career as a business.

146. Econtent Magazine: Focus on content marketing

Pay: $200

If you’re a content marketing whiz, submit stories, case studies, and news about this booming industry.

147. The Travel Writer’s Life: Help others get paid to write about travel

Pay: Up to $200

As its title suggests, this magazine is focused on helping people achieve their dream of travel writing.

They do not publish travel stories per se, but instead advice, success stories, and more on making it in the industry.

148. The Writer: Give tips on writing

Pay: $120-$1,200

The Writer is clear on its mission: to help writers improve their craft. They are looking for detailed and specific tips that readers could easily follow to produce results.

149. Write Naked: Get real about writing

Pay: Up to $200

Get in-depth and personal about life as a freelance writer, and share your own experiences about how to pitch and land online freelance writing jobs. Or, contribute information useful to other people seeking to live off of their words.

Keep in mind that most posts pay around $50, but in-depth articles can receive around $200.

150. Writer’s Digest: Break into the mecca of writer’s magazines

Pay: ~$720-$1,200

Writer’s Digest can boast Maya Angelou, Ray Bradbury, and Margaret Atwood amongst its past contributors.

Its focus is the art of writing, what it means to pursue it, and the more practical aspects of turning it into a business.

They rarely pay for unsolicited online submissions.

Want to land awesome freelance writing jobs from home, work online, and get paid to write blog posts?

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If you don’t know how to market yourself, you’re going to find it virtually impossible to land any awesome freelance writing jobs from home – no matter how good your writing is.

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