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8 Jobs For Nurses Who Do Not Want To Be Nurses Any Longer

As soon as a nurse, constantly a nurse. However what if you have actually pertained to the conclusion that you do not in fact want toworkas a nurse any longer?

Despite the fact that you don’t wish to practice nursing at the bedside anymore, it does not mean that you lose the Registered Nurse title after your name.

You struggled through nursing school. You worked your tail off as a new grad to find out difficult nursing skills along-side your peers.

In reality, you may have already invested numerous years in the profession, working on several various systems, while adding new specialties and certifications to your resume along the way.

Most notably, you have actually assisted humankind and even saved lives.

However now you are starting to feel it’s time to move on.And it truly shouldn’t be a surprise –. nurses are burning out. at a rate unequaled to any other profession.

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coll career alternatives for nurses

For me, it began after having my own children and recognizing that I wanted more flexibility in my life that a standard nursing career can’t use me at this time. In reality, I consult with mothers all the time who are looking for alternative ways to practice nursing so that they can be more present for their children at house ….Stop working 12-hour shifts!

My point is that you will always be a Registered Nurse. And the finest part of being a nurse: your abilities are highly transferable. There are various ways to practice nursing … What will your next nursing path be?

I don’t desire to be a nurse any longer … What else can I do?

There was one aspect of the nursing profession that attracted me when I was thinking about ending up being a nurse as a 2nd career: flexibility. There are a lot of paths that nurses can take beyond the health center setting. Now it’s time to take those critical thinking abilities and apply them in a brand-new instructions!

Have you ever considered looking for a method to use your nursing degree working for a corporation, or as a nurse entrepreneur?

If the response is YES, then you might be all set to embark upon a brand-new nursing profession journey. It is time to open up your mind to new nursing tasks far from the bedside.

8 Incredible Nursing Jobs Away From The Bedside.

# 1. Medical Gadget Sales Agent.

Sales person shaking hands with doctor

Alternative nurse task # 1: medical device sales representative.

Medical device sales representatives are sales specialists who offer medical equipment to hospitals, surgical treatment centers, or physician workplaces. Their task is to information the special features and benefits of their items and work as an intermediary between the device business and the customer.

Many medical gadget sales representatives hang around in health center operating rooms teaching doctors and staff on how to utilize their company’s items. Numerous sales reps sell items directly to hospital systems.

If you have an outbound character, a bulldog mindset and delight in meeting hospital and office staff around your city, this might be an outstanding fit for you! It’s a lot of effort- but medical gadget associates often make a high income to match the stress.

Also, numerous medical device business hire clinical nurse experts to work as teachers for specific products. CNS’s travel to business accounts and do in-services. When you have a medical background as a nurse, that is a terrific way to get your foot in the door as a medical gadget sales representative.

How to get a job in medical gadget sales

  • MedReps.
  • Work with a medical device headhunter.
  • Network on Linkedin.
  • Polish up your resume and submit online to jobs boards.

# 2. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

Pharmaceutical Sales Professional

Alternative nurse task # 2: pharmaceutical sales representative.

Pharmaceutical sales is very comparable to medical device sales. Pharmaceutical representatives monitor prescribing patterns of physicians within a particular geographical territory.

Pharma reps go door-to-door and satisfy doctors who work in specializeds that may have an interest in prescribing their products. For example, a drug associate who offers a medication for atrial fibrillation would concentrate on selling drugs to cardiologists.

To be effective in pharmaceutical sales (much like medical device sales), you require to have a go-get-em’ mindset and an outgoing personality. There is a great deal of talking associated with pharmaceutical sales for things such as instructional occasions, in-services, and in-servicing to customers.

How to get a job in pharmaceutical sales

  • MedReps.
  • Work with a pharmaceutical headhunter.
  • Network on Linkedin.
  • Polish up your resume and upload online.

# 3. Nurse Freelance Author.

freelance writer typing on laptop at home

Alternative nurse tasks # 3: nurse freelance author.

Do you enjoy composing? Nurse freelance writers write about health care topics and work on a self-employed basis. Most nurse freelance writers are independent entrepreneur who handle their work right out of their own houses.

As a freelancer, your customers employ you to compose posts, and you are typically paid per writing task or a group of writing assignments. Nurse freelance authors typically have customers with repeating projects that they spend for on a per diem basis.

There are several types of nurse freelance writing, depending upon what you wish to do, such as

  • Ghostwriter- write under a customer’s name (not your name) for blog ebooks, posts, or web pages.
  • Freelance blog writer- write blog site posts for other healthcare blog writers.
  • Material author- write for various sites and online magazines.

How to be a nurse freelance writer

  • The Savvy Scribe Podcast. : One way to get started as a beginner nurse freelance writer is to learn from other nurses who have made the transition. Listening to the Savvy Scribe podcast with Janine Kelback and Carol Bush is a great way to start learning how to be a nurse freelance writer when you already have a busy schedule.

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# 4. Nurse Blog writer.

Jobs for nurses who don't want to be nurses anymore: Nurse blogger

Alternative nurse task # 4: nurse blogger.

Nurse blog writers typically handle a site and produce where they have a particular nursing niche they discuss. I am a nurse mommy blog writer who writes about working mother & & nurse way of life topics– things I have directly dealt with myself as a working mom. With time you can grow an audience that has an interest in the subjects you like to discuss.

Marketing, affiliate links, and producing & & offering items are a few of the manner ins which bloggers make money. In basic, bloggers need to begin their work as a side hustle for numerous months or years prior to they begin making an earnings. It’s more of a long video game– you can begin it as a side hustle, or work as a per-diem nurse until you get things moving along.

Health Media Academy Health Media Academy is a business handled by two really knowledgeable nurse influencers: Brittany Wilson and Kati Kleber. They assist nurses harness the power of social networks, blogging, and other techniques of online influence to produce an audience of your own as a nurse blog writer.

In addition to affecting favorable change on the health care blogging front,. Health Media Academy. aims to promote wealth-building strategies and business-focus for healthcare influencers, all while preserving the self-respect and stability of their occupation. Inspect out their nurse. Blog writer 101 course. !

# 5. Legal Nurse Consultant.

legal nurse consultant at work

Alternative nurse task # 5: legal nurse consultant.

Legal nurse consulting is an outstanding task for nurses who do not wish to be nurses any longer– but still want to make use of the knowledge they have actually learned while operating in patient care.

Legal nurse specialists evaluate and evaluate the truths and testament in legal cases as it associates with the delivery of nursing and other health care services. Often, LNC’s analyze cases including injuries and other medical-legal scenarios. These nurse specialists need to have strong experience and education in the health care setting, and act as skilled witnesses in legal matters.

LNC’s scientifically examine and assess realities and testament associated to the delivery of nursing and other healthcare services and outcomes. They likewise review the nature and analyze and cause of injuries in legal cases.

Lots of LNC’s are entrepreneurs and begin their own legal nurse consulting businesses. This means you should have a self-starter mindset and want to hustle to get your business up and running.

Legal nurse specialists’ obligations vary depending upon the company and frequently include

  • Going to medical reviews by independent medical examinations.
  • Testifying in court as an expert witness.
  • Reviewing cases to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Preparing chronologies or timelines for medical records.
  • Dealing with legal representatives to prepare healthcare litigation.
  • Preparing legal files in medical cases under the guidance of a lawyer.
  • Educating attorneys and paralegals about health care concerns, and nurses as it relates to legal situations.

And although accreditation isn’t necessarily a requirement for working as a legal nurse consultant, many employers prefer to deal with nurses who hold an accreditation from the. American Legal Nurse Consultant Accreditation Board. ( ALNCC).

# 6. Lactation Consultant.

Mother with newborn baby

Alternative nurse task # 6: lactation specialist.

If you think that breastfeeding is an essential start to babies life and desire to help develop the bond between children and mothers, then becoming a lactation expert may be a great next career step for you! If you have had your own experiences with breastfeeding and desire to share both your medical knowledge, especially and.personal experience as a breastfeeding mother. Breastfeeding can be a extremely personal and emotional experience– assisting a brand-new baby get a positive start in life could be an extremely satisfying and interesting career.

What a lactation specialist does

  • Helps mom and child develop a healthy bond.
  • Reveals mommy what a good latch appearances like.
  • Helps position the child properly for feeding.
  • Performs weight contact the baby to assess sufficient intake.
  • Deals emotional support to breastfeeding moms.

Lactation specialist’s work can work in healthcare facilities, for personal companies, and even on their own. They do both private visits and classes for bigger groups.

# 7. Nurse Health Coach.

women working out

Alternative nurse task # 7: nurse health coach.

Nurse health coaches can actualize their client’s health care objectives beyond the healthcare facility setting by helping them establish the healthiest variation of themselves. By teaching clients how to take ideal care of themselves and holding them responsible, the nurse health coach can inspire clients to achieve even higher results.

Nurse health coaches work with clients to provide assistance and resources to help their clients in living a more well balanced and healthy way of life. In regards to nursing experience, nurse health coaches generally have numerous years of direct patient care in the health center setting and have the desire to have a more direct and favorable health influence on their client’s lives.

Numerous nurse health coaches are entrepreneurs who operate in private practice, although some medical professionals and medical facilities workplaces work with nurse health coaches also. According to some surveys, nurse coaches can make comparable or perhaps more income than they do operating in health centers.

Nurse health coaches assist their patients by working with them in the following ways

  • Comprehending their clients’ special health care dynamics.
  • Holding patients responsible for their pre-established goals.
  • Assessing patients’ preparedness for change.
  • Identifying client opportunities and problems for improved health.
  • Identifying and setting objectives to accomplish optimum health.
  • Empowering clients to reach their goals.

In addition, nurse health coaches can reduce healthcare spending by

  • Assisting insurance provider reduce the expense of disease management, and.
  • Assisting clients to enhance their total health and wellness by decreasing the incidence of persistent illness and the healthcare expenses connected with them.

Resources to become a nurse health coach

# 8. Nurse Recruiter.

Nurse on the phone

Alternative nurse tasks # 8: nurse recruiter.

You do not require to be a nurse to end up being a nurse recruiter. The majority of companies prefer working with candidates with a nursing background. Experienced nurses may have more profession opportunities in this field than those without prior nursing experience. Since nurses already understand the qualities required to be an effective nurse, this is.

A few of the roles of nurse employers include

More Job/Career Ideas & Resources

  • Marketing- It is the nurse employer’s task to find excellent nurse candidates to work with for the business. This may consist of going to professional conferences, creating and carrying out media ad campaign, going to job fairs, and establishing relationships with trainee work advisors.
  • Interviewing– Screening candidates, setting up interviews and performing telephone interviews.
  • Collaborating with departments to fill job vacancies quickly.

How to be a nurse recruiter

  • Look for entry-level nurse employer positions. Employers list task openings through their sites and on Internet task boards. Increase your possibilities of getting an interview by applying for as lots of nurse recruiter positions as you can discover.


There are other career opportunities out there for nurses who don’t wish to be bedside nurses anymore. The fantastic news is that you have actually found out valuable career skills both in nursing school and.while working as a nurse in patient care.

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