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Career Unit K-5

Here it is: I do not like doing profession lessons. I know, I know, career lessons are crucial!

This post is all about the lessons I carried out in each grade K-5. Some of the ideas are obtained, others I made myself. Please do not hesitate to borrow any ideas/materials you wish to use for your own lessons!

Kindergarten & & First Grade

For the children, I began the career system with a borrowed lesson from the. Elementary School Counseling. blog site. We discussed what a task and a profession is, and then we looked at the. Whose Automobile Is This? posters. Trainees thought which profession the automobile would be utilized for, and we talked about why each profession is essential in our community.

Here’s an example of one car


Next, each student was given a lorry page and was advised to draw an individual who does that job on the back. We shared with the class when ended up. This is a good time to talk about with trainees that tasks are not gender specific– we see this when we take a look at each trainee’s photo. Here are a few examples of student work

A garbage person
A garbage collector.
A farmer
A farmer.
An ice cream truck driver
An ice cream truck chauffeur.

Second Grade

For 2nd graders, I borrowed a profession toolbox lesson from Lisa, a counselor who posted it in the Elementary School Therapist Exchange Facebook Group. I gathered numerous items and put them all in a box with a cover. For the lesson, I called trainees up one at a time to reach their hand in and take out an item. Once they saw what the product was, they guessed what career( s) the product might be utilized for. The rest of the class likewise shared their concepts.

Examples of items I put in package: a ruler, pencil, flashlight, compass, map, dog leash, manicure set, book, screw chauffeur, rubber glove, floss, cell phone, walkie talkie, and so on

. The students had a great deal of enjoyable with this activity! Due to the fact that they desired to see what product would come out next, it was engaging! It also covered a great deal of various careers rapidly.

As a follow up, we read When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic (always a favorite for kids) and students shared numerous jobs they have an interest in having.

When I grow up book

Goal-Setting Lesson (K-2)

To broaden on the career lessons, I presented a goal-setting lesson and talked about how setting objectives for yourself is a part of having a task or career. I was happily amazed that in all class, students had the ability to comprehend that there are 2 kinds of goals– the kind you score on a sports field, and the kind you set for yourself due to the fact that you desire to get much better at something. We talked about that part of goal-setting is making a plan to satisfy your goal and thinking of people who could assist you get there.

Other posters asked students to identify an objective for themselves that associated to school, house, friendships, recess, etc

. In K & & 1st, I laid a number of posters on the floor and had each trainee pick one they desired to talk about by offering it a good swat with their hand (this got out some energy!). In 2nd grade, the trainees did a ‘long dive’ and whichever poster they landed on was the one they talked about.

I was satisfied that the majority of students were able to come up with appropriate answers for how somebody might fulfill their goal!

Here’s a link to the posters I produced Goal-Setting Circumstances. .

Third Grade

I utilized the usage of my career dolls that I have actually used in years past.

Career dolls
Career dolls.

The activity that third graders completed remained in groups. I put students in small groups and had someone from each select a profession doll from a bag without looking. Once they had their profession doll, I gave them a notecard that listed the profession (to prevent any confusion), and a worksheet.

The worksheet had the following concerns

  • What are the strengths of a person in this profession?
  • Why is this career essential in our neighborhood?
  • Is anybody in your group interested in this career? Why or why not?

After the groups finished, we returned together to share about each career. In one class, a group had the instructor doll– they shared that no one in their group wished to be a teacher since it’s too much work and kids are too loud..

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade lessons were all about multiple intelligences! I truly believe that all kids are so lots of and smart of them do not believe they are because they’re not smart in the conventional reading/writing/arithematic way.

I had each trainee complete this Learning Styles Study

Multiple Intelligences Quiz

On the back of each study was a visual of the 8 intelligence locations

Multiple Intelligences Cartoon strip

After completing the survey and tallying their ratings, students were grouped based upon their highest intelligence location. Lots of had a tie for greatest, so I had them pick the one they felt was most like them or the one they were most thinking about. I advised them that this is simply a short study and does not inform them everything about how smart they are.

In groups, trainees were given a poster of their sort of smarts to assist them respond to concerns. I utilized these terrific. You’re a Smart Kid. posters for free!

You're a smart kid poster pic

Each group interacted to respond to questions and then each group shown the class. Here are couple of examples of their work



Check out the first career this group listed :)
Take a look at the first career this group listed.


5th Grade

I spent a great deal of time looking for a paper and pencil survey or test that my 5th graders might take to open their eyes to possible career chances. I know there are many online surveys, however I didn’t wish to count on technology.

Each student finished a four-page. Interest Study. that, when scored, brought them to career clusters they might be interested in pursuing. Due to the fact that they took their time addressing each area to truly narrow down their interest locations, I was impressed with my 5th graders. Because they took their time, we didn’t have enough left over to do the group work part of the lesson, however that’s alright … you got ta be flexible?

After the students had self scored their studies, I had as lots of as time would permit share their leading profession cluster and address a few questions about it

More Job/Career Ideas & Resources

  • What kinds of professions fall under this cluster?
  • What are the strengths of an individual in this career?
  • What will you need to do in order to have this profession? (College? Special training? Enhance a particular ability?).

After sharing, we briefly discussed that as they continue their education into middle school, understanding their interests is necessary since they can expand their understanding and abilities by taking particular classes or joining specific clubs/groups. My fifth graders, at this moment in the year, are ready for this type of discussion. I was happy that numerous of them already had a profession they were interested in and it came through in their surveys!

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