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Four Major Airlines That Employ Individuals to Work From House

When I look for work from house jobs , I periodically encounter various work from house airline jobs. It might shock you there are some reliable airlines who actually use home-based representatives to book flights and carry out customer care tasks.

For today’s post, I have actually done the research study and made a list of 4 major airline companies that sometimes have home-based openings.

One disadvantage– these companies all require that you work onsite for a while prior to being permitted to work from house. So this may not be an alternative for you depending on where you lie.

Please bear in mind the companies noted below aren’t always working with. I have actually provided this list for you as a referral to understand what airline companies to keep tabs on for work at house jobs.

In addition, the jobs below are exclusively US-based. I’m pleased to list some around the world airline company tasks if anyone is conscious of them. Simply comment and let me understand!

4 Work From Home Airline Company Jobs

1. Southern Airways Express

This company has periodic openings for virtual call center representatives. These jobs seem open to anyone in the United States.

Per the most recent job listing, pay is$ 12 to $15 hourly. You would be working full-time, 8 hour shifts. You just need to have a diploma or GED for previous education, but they do state you need a minimum of a year of previous call center experience and they choose if it’s been within the airline company industry.

Go here to browse work at home tasks at Southern Airways Express.

2. American Airlines

This company has regular openings for home-based appointment reps.

When the position is offered, they typically hire people living in or near Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, Cary, NC, and Miami, FL. American Airlines normally requires that you live within a 75 mile radius of the locations they hire in so you can come in for an in person interview and work onsite for roughly eight weeks prior to being allowed to work from house.

It is mainly entry-level, you just require to be a minimum of 18 years of ages with a high school diploma or GED. Pay is around $10+ hourly with chances for raises. Great deals of advantages are offered.

Go here to search tasks at American Airlines . 3. Sun Country Airlines

This company has occasional client service work from home airline tasks open.

You need to live within one hour of commuting distance of Sun Country head office, which appears to be found in Minneapolis, MN. Training is for four weeks and is carried out essentially.

Pay for this position is noted at $15 per hour. It is a full-time position and you do need some previous client service experience to qualify.

Go here to see the listing for this position at Sun Nation Airlines. 4. JetBlue

JetBlue has occasional work at house customer care agent openings in Orlando, FL and in some cases other locations.

The position usually needs training onsite for an amount of time. You are complimentary to work from house when training is completed. JetBlue does require at least 2 years of previous customer care experience.

They offer benefits and travel benefits, although some of the

Glassdoor reviews show problems about low pay. Go here to see open jobs at JetBlue.

Any jobs you see listed as JB Vacations Customer Care are remote tasks. All the best if you decide to use for any open work from house airline tasks. And once again, please do not end up being discouraged if the jobs aren’t open now. They come and go regularly.

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