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How to Pass Transcription Tests

Discover how to pass transcription tests To get transcription work from home with a transcription business, you require to pass transcription tests.

No previous transcription experience or degree is needed to become a transcriptionist and get transcription work from home. To show that you are be able to do the work, transcription companies normally have you take a transcription test to show that you can supply precise records. And you need to pass one or more transcription tests to qualify to start working for them.

how to pass transcription tests

Before taking any transcription tests, I advise that you.
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How to Pass Transcription Tests

Transcription work testsinclude one or more audio files you should transcribe.

The variety of tests and the difficulty of the transcription tests varies from company to company. Some companies will offer you a 5-15-minutes audio file to test while others might offer you a number of longer audio files.

And you typically have to end up transcribing your test within the needed time frame. Here are some steps to prepare yourself to pass transcription tests.

1. Make certain you depend on speed

Examine the company’s minimum needed typing speed. If your typing speed is not quickly enough, practice first to improve it. Do not waste your time taking the test.

2. Get transcription devices and software application.

You need to have a computer system, high speed Internet connection and transcription software application.

Download Express Scribe, the most popular totally free transcription software application. This is the only software you’ll require to do the test with many business. After downloading the software, make certain to install it.

Many business do NOT require that you have a foot pedal to do the test. You can utilize free transcription software to start, stop and rewind. However utilizing a foot pedal will accelerate your transcription.

A headphone is not needed to do a transcription test. I advise that you invest in a high-end earphone when starting paid work to block disruptive sounds and hear the audio files more plainly.

Devices You’ll Require to Do Transcription Work.

How to Choose a Transcription Foot Pedal for Transcription Work.

How to Select a Headset for Transcription Work.

3. Practice.

Practicing will assist you get ready for transcription tests and will considerably improve your chances of passing transcription tests. Get used to transcription software and to transcribing and listening audio.

Experimenting real-life tapes and seeing the completed transcripts will make you feel more self-assured about your transcription skills and you can see how well you’re doing.

Transcription practice files are a fantastic way to practice transcription.

See my. general transcription practice files. here.I thoroughly chose real-life recordings and records to help you practice and learn general transcription. They come with master transcripts so that you can compare your transcripts with the master records, and see what mistakes you are making so you can avoid making them.

Inspect out this if you’re getting major about getting a transcription profession. detailed, multi-media transcription course that includes a wide array of practice files . Janet’s course will prepare you to get much better paid transcription jobs..

4. Prepare a Resume.

Some business wish to get your resume to make sure that you meet their credentials before you can test with them.

Mention pertinent information on your resume consisting of any transcription experience, your typing speed, efficiency in English, grammar and administrative skills. Discuss any pertinent experience even if you acquired it through volunteer work.

5. Follow directions and design guides when taking transcription tests.

It’s really crucial to follow directions. Make sure to check out the directions of each business you desire to evaluate for and examine the business’s requirements prior to starting the test..

Instructions will vary depending on the transcription company, client and industry. They might supply format instructions and a style guide.

You should strictly follow a company’s rules and standards to pass their tests. The main reason people stop working transcription tests is since they don’t follow the company’s instructions and style guide.

6. Examine Spelling and Grammar.

Don’t forget to spellcheck and proof your work prior to submitting it. Speed is necessary however precision counts much more. Constantly inspect the spelling, grammar and punctuation before sending the completed records to the company.

Some business will contact you rapidly after you pass their test while others may take weeks to connect with you. Review your grammar if needed.

It’s crucial that you use appropriate grammar and punctuation in all your communications with prospective companies.

Grammarly. is the very best online spelling and grammar checker. It spots grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style errors as you write Word files, e-mails, and content on your site or social media.

Grammarly The #1 Writing Tool

7. Be Persistent.

Test with more than one company and don’t become dissuaded if you don’t hear from a company after using or evaluating with them. Sometimes you can land a transcription task relatively quickly.

Apply and do a test today. If you do not do well, practice more and then re-apply.

Some business will let you retest sometimes and others give you only one chance to do it right. Check their policies of reapplying before doing a test.

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All the best with your transcription test!

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