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Make Money From Home As A Captioner

In this post, I’m going to show you online closed captioning jobs that can make you some money monthly working from another location.

Keep in mind: Please do rule out these jobs as your career alternative. These benefit those who want to make additional money for a short amount of time OR somebody who suddenly loses their task and trying to find a job.

It’s time to believe beyond standard tasks where you need to go to the workplace daily and strive to generate income.

Gone are the days of just standard jobs. Individuals now look for a growing number of online jobs.

And Captioning jobs are one of those online jobs you can do from house in Pajamas.

Actually, there are 2 kinds of captions the first one is subtitles and the second one is Closedcaptions.

Subtitles are the exact wording or dialogues in text kind. This kind of caption work needs you to write the precise discussion of a character. You require to write what storytellers and characters are saying in a video scene.

Closed captions are the comprehensive variation of subtitles. Like I said, Subtitle includes precise phrasing in text kind whereas CC includes each and every single activity that is going on in a video scene.

CCs assist people understand a video scene without listening character’s voice while checking out the captions just. It means you require to include additional activities like background noise, the phone ringing, laughing, and all other kinds of activities that are going to take place in a scene.

Now you know the distinction in between both kinds of captions.

There is another kind of CC job that is known as Real-time CC task

A real-time captioner requires to run a computer-aided transcription stenotype system to create CCs for live shows, and interviews.

Love it or dislike it, .real-time closed captioning jobs/broadcast captioning jobs are not that simple. From listening to typing, a captioner needs expert abilities that consist of fantastic listening accuracy, power, and speed.

Far, you have learned the fundamentals of what is a captioning task?

Now let’s discuss the standard requirements or skills that you need to understand prior to you use for any of these captioning tasks …

Tools & & Devices.

(.Then you require to purchase these tools, if you want to become work from house captioner. But if you work from a company workplace, the employer will provide you with all tools and equipment.).

  • Steno maker.
  • Computer.
  • Headset.
  • High-speed web.
  • Specialized software application.

Captioning requirements.

  • Typing speed needs to be 200 words per minutes with 98% of accuracy.
  • High level of writing skills in English language or other target languages you are going to make an application for the captioning job.
  • Great English listening and communication skills.
  • Mutual understanding of the accent of targeted language.
  • Good transcription skills (for real-time captioners).
  • It is excellent to have a court reporter degree.

Now let’s discover a few of the very best business providing CC tasks …

janet ShaughnessyIf you desire to discover everything about transcription and desire to turn your abilities into a company that can make you $20K– $50K per year, then you can take the ‘. General Transcription: Theory & & Practice’. course by Janet Shaughnessy Or. enlist in a complimentary mini-course. .

Caption Max.

Caption Max is the media production company currently looking for real-time captioners who can work under the direction of the real-time scheduling manager.

You need to be able to run a computer-aided real-time captioning system to generate English closed captions for Live broadcasting and other events that require real-time captioning.

Real-time captioning, Caption Max also hire normal captioners to caption already tape-recorded videos. It is excellent for trainees who just finished their academics and now trying to find their first task.


  • Casual and fun place to work.
  • Terrific working experience.
  • Exceptionally Flexible.
  • Free coffee.
  • 401k plan is good.
  • CaptionMax takes you through a training session if you are not proficient. So you don’t be a professional captioner at first.
  • Equal chances for men and females.
  • Casual office dress.


  • Low pay at entry level.
  • High work.
  • Unforeseen time schedule for Real-time captioners.
  • No improvements.


It’s another company not simply providing closed captioning tasks but also offering language services in addition to custom-made video transcoding and digital file distribution services.

As they are providing these services, so they are also trying to find closed captioners.

Jobs are not always offered here for now it is working with Real-time captioners. So if you are trying to find a real-time closed captioning job then you can provide it a try.

Although, when I went through online reviews and sources, I found some unfavorable reviews from its staff members.


  • Best business culture.
  • They conduct a terrific training session to train their worker prior to they get to work.
  • Well-organized and organized.


  • Extremely strict workplace.


REV is among the popular companies that use remote speech-to-text jobs that assist both freelancers and clients.

Along with numerous remote-jobs, they likewise use closed captioning jobs. They utilized to pay $0.50– $1.0 per minute to freelancers.

The cool thing is that you don’t require to be a real-time captioner. You just need to caption videos.

Because full-time staff members provide me some bad reviews about rev captioning tasks, I guarantee you take it as a side gig.

If you end up being an employee at, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of rev closed captioning task.



  • Low pay.
  • Absence of support.
  • Guides are not gently documented.
  • If you do not keep the basic high, you will be get fired. (Sometimes it is difficult.).

Captioning Star

CaptioningStar started as an underdeveloped business. And now it has actually completely established and assisted countless customers with video captioning.

As the name suggests, CaptioningStar offers all sort of captioning services. However, they have countless captioning services but all are not readily available for you as a job.

Currently, they are trying to find real-time captioning tasks. If you are interested in real-time CC jobs, then you can attempt it.


It is one of the earliest captioning provider business established in 1986. It’s been the leader in captioning and availability services.

It provides all kinds of captioning services consisting of subtitling, offline captioning, real-time captioning, Spanish captioning, and more.

Presently, they are employing closed captioners and real-time captioners.


  • Work from home.
  • It has excellent advantages for their staff members.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Extremely interesting and tough work.
  • Great working environment.
  • On-time payments.
  • Supportive colleagues.
  • Decent pay.


  • No paid holidays.
  • You are needed to work on Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday.
  • Often there is a great deal of work readily available.
  • Poor management and lack of communication.


This business also uses all captioning services to help companies and people in captioning videos, live events, YouTube video captioning, offline captioning, real-time captioning, and more.

Then you go and apply, if you desire to try this captioning company.


So, here I have actually noted 6 business where you can find captioning tasks to make some extra cash working remotely.

One can make $7– $14 per hour for offline captioning and as much as $21 for real-time captioning jobs.

These tasks benefit those who have fantastic writing abilities, listening abilities, excellent English communication abilities, and more qualified to work under pressure.

I discovered extremely few companies when I was investigating about captioning job companies. Then please let me know in the comment section, if you know more companies employing captioners.

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