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Transcription Jobs for Beginners with Quicktate and iDictate

Transcription jobs for beginners with quicktate. No experience needed

Get transcription jobs for novices at Quicktate!

Are you interested in no experience transcription work from home?

When you have no transcription experience, Quicktate is one of the most convenient transcription companies to get accepted with and get transcription tasks for beginners.


  • You’ll transcribe voice memos, letters, call, conference calls, speeches and other audio files. Most of files are voicemail messages that are easy to transcribe. Some recordings might be simply 2-3 minutes while others can be up to a number of hours.
  • IDictate transcribes all kinds of files other than voicemail messages.
  • Flexible hours. You can set your own hours and work as little or as much as you desire.
  • They’ll send you e-mails to let you understand that files are offered. You visit the business’s system anytime you want to begin getting files and all offered audio files will appear. You can preview the file, see if the file is short or long and you can accept or reject it.
  • The Quicktate transcription program plays the audio files and offers you includes to quickly return and re listen to any portion of the audio file. You may want to download the file to your desktop and type it into your favorite transcription software when you have a file that’s longer than a couple of minutes.

Requirements to get Quicktate and iDictate transcription jobs for newbies

  • Quicktate hires transcriptionistsworldwideYou need to provide a tax ID number.
  • No prior experience is neededfor basic transcription as long as you pass the test.
  • Transcription work consists of basic, legal transcription and medical transcription. The info I’m offering here is for general transcription.
  • Languages: Select English, French and Spanish transcription work.
  • You require excellent English language skills (for English transcription work).
  • You should have the ability to listen to voice files and precisely type what you hear with appropriate spelling and punctuation.
  • You’ll need to take the test for each language or specialty (e.g. medical or general transcription) you are interested in. You can also test to analyze audio files.
  • You should pass a test and quiz, submit a short form and offer three referrals. If you do well on the test you must hear back from them but it may take a couple of weeks due to the fact that they receive many demands.
  • No resume is needed.
  • You may qualify to evaluate for iDictate which pays more once you’ve submitted top quality work for a while (or scored well on the QuickTate typing test).
  • You should follow guidelines.
  • You can’t have felony or misdemeanor convictions on your record. You must pay $15 for a background check after you pass the Test and Typing Tests before getting work for Quicktate since of the delicate nature of some of the transcription files.
  • They want absolute sincerity, integrity, reliability and privacy.


  • Quicktate pays 1/4 cent per word (or 4 words for 1 cent) for legal and general transcription and 1/2 cent per word for medical transcription.
  • They pay 1/2 cent per word so you’ll double your pay when you get accepted with iDictate.
  • They pay weekly through Paypal. Pay is constantly on time.

How to improve paid transcription tasks

Quicktate pays very little however don’t let that to dissuade you. After you get some experience, you’ll be able to get well-paid transcription tasks.

Taking a great transcription course will assist you increase your transcription income. I highly advise the transcription course by Janet Shaughnessy . Her course will provide you the knowledge, abilities and self-confidence you’ll need to discover high paying transcription jobs.

Examine out General Transcription: Theory and Practice, Janet Shaughnessy’s General Transcription Course. is an in-depth, multi-media course I extremely suggest for anyone who wishes to start in basic transcription.

You can likewise inspect out my FREE intro course to find out of transcription is best for you.

How to Request a transcription job with Quicktate.

My comments.

  • Quicktate is among the simplest business to begin with. The application and the work is much easier than most.
  • The pay of Quicktate is lower than most however when promoted to work for iDictate, their pay is double.
  • The accessibility of work is irregular.
  • It’s a good company to build experience. You’ll desire to move on to better paying business when you feel positive in your skills to do so.
  • The transcription style utilized at Quicktate is simple and is not transferable to other transcription business. Discussing your experience with Quicktate on your resume will inform employers that you have some transcription experience and can follow directions.
  • The bulk of individuals more than happy working for Quicktate. A common complaint about iDictate is inconsistency about formats and requirements in between the different reviewers and absence of interaction.

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