9 Awkward Work Circumstances And How to Deal With Them

We can all admit that uncomfortable circumstances are a natural, inescapable part of life. Remember that seventh grade dance or, if we’re being truthful, practically the whole of high school? However when awkward experiences happen at work, an environment where our actions affect how we’re perceived by those we require to work with, and our incomes depend upon our efficiency, those cringe-worthy minutes sometimes come with additional effects.

Can you just laugh off that time you assumed a mistake was someone else’s fault and faced them, only to receive a courteous reminder that you, in truth, were the culprit? Or when you sent a scathing e-mail about your manager to … your employer? Profession Contessa , we’ve basically seen it all. The bright side is that there are ways to recover gracefully and expertly. Here’s how to deal with the most uncomfortable work circumstances we have actually seen encountered our desk.