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Do Employers Care Where I Get My College Degree?

Congratulations on taking the primary steps towards crafting your dream career! While your kids are small is a fun time to get a degree. Having a degree will certainly assist you when you go back to the labor force– particularly if you find online internships where you can gain experience while you pursue your degree.

There are a terrific many for-profit universities out there who target moms and working people for their degree programs. They inform you that you can make your degree in simply a few months by devoting simply a few hours a week to research. Do you have college credits currently? That’s due to the fact that it IS too great to be real.

Accreditation Means a lot to Companies and colleges

For-profit universities offering this spiel usually have what’s callednationwide accreditation. That sounds amazing, right? It’s not. National accreditation boards are not as strenuous as regional accreditation boards, and thus credits made at a nationally recognized university will not transfer to a regionally accredited university or even to another nationally recognized university. If you begin a program with one of these universities, you are stuck with that university to finish your degree no matter what. Simply FYI, all state universities are regionally recognized, as are neighborhood colleges and most good non-profit personal colleges.

As soon as you have actually earned that degree from that for-profit, nationally accredited university, you will find that your job prospects are limited. Lots of companies will not recognize the degree, and yes, credibility matters. Companies do look at how other students from that college are carrying out in the workforce, and if they aren’t doing so well with that simple A degree, they will assume that you won’t either. So then you have another issue: You need a much better degree.

Now, remember how we spoke about accreditation and how nationwide= bad., and local= good? If you take your degree from that for-profit, nationally accredited university and apply for a higher degree (say, an MBA or Master of Arts) at a local, regionally accredited university, you will not be admitted. That’s right—you have to have enough regionally accredited college credits to meet the minimum admission requirements.

Do the Math on the Online, For-Profit University.

Does that simple online degree sound bad enough yet? How about this: The for-profit colleges are 2-3x’s more expensive than traditional institution of higher learnings, and their students graduate with more financial obligation. A lot more, trainees who finish from for-profit universities are most likely to default on their student loans than those who graduate from regionally recognized non-profit universities.

How to Earn a Legit Degree while your Kids are Little

Do not let this prevent you, however. You can still earn an online degree while your kids are toddlers. Regional neighborhood colleges and your state universities use online degree programs from BS, aa, and ba programs. Numerous universities provide graduate programs, too. Use Google Maps to discover your regional colleges and begin looking at their websites. Call consultants at a number of those colleges and talk to them about what it will take to sign up for their programs. Likely, all you require are your high school transcripts. You might require to take a placement test, however there are research study guides, so do not panic.

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In the long run, you will spend less money and make a degree that employers regard. Seriously, call your local colleges and universities right now, before a well-meaning buddy refers you to their university and some slimy for-profit degree salesman (I suggest, advisor) starts calling you.

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