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Get Organized with Google Keep

When I noticed the icon on my Google Calendar, I first discovered Google Keep. I immediately fell in love! My first usages for Google Keep were personal: to make my grocery wish list, keep notes when I was far from house, and to keep random information I required (like what size my heating system filter is). I gradually began utilizing it more and more for my organization and my classroom and I have actually never ever looked back! I’m able to track my trainees’ missing work, have Post-its and order of business from school offered in your home, and track details in one easy-to-access place. Google Keep is a fantastic digital organization tool and it’s perfect for teachers!

Google Keep

You can access Keep online , on your phone ( and. Like other Google products, you are able to access Keep with all of your accounts by toggling between them in the corner. I have two different sets of Keep notes: one for school, and one for home. I likewise love utilizing Keep within other Google apps when I’m in conferences. I’m able to remain right on the same page as the meeting program or notes, and then compose myself a note to keep for later on. I love that I can click the Keep icon, click Take a Note and a new note is developed with a link to that Google file.

Lists or notes.

One of my favorite parts of Google Keep is that you can change the note to a checklist in simply a click of a button. The note will turn into a list.

This makes it so simple to utilize Google Keep to track things like missing out on tasks or reteaching groups. When that missing out on project is kipped down, just examine it off the list. Rather of just getting crossed off or disappearing, it’s crossed off however then relocated to the bottom of the list. You can find that row crossed out at the bottom if you make a mistake. Simply hover, click the checkbox, and it’ll move right back to the top.

Google Keep checklist option.

You can also delete the inspected products from a list to keep things cool and neat. I don’t tend to do this instantly after I’ve inspected something off, however will tidy up my lists from time to time to eliminate those jobs I’ve already done.

Google Keep Checklists- how to unselect

Google Keep Organization.

Google Keep has a couple of built-in functions that helps you organize your notes and lists. At home, I utilize Keep to make myself a digital to-do list to keep me focused on my goals.

While I absolutely enjoy being able to arrange each note how I would like, I have one small complaint. I would love to be able to position each of the notes in a grid so everything lined up both vertically and horizontally.

Google Keep days of the week arrangement with daily headers

Header Images.

The days of the week shown in the image above are images included ideal to the note! Images are always contributed to the top of lists and notes so utilizing those images as organizational tools is an excellent method to arrange your notes. In your home, I use the days of the week to track my daily and weekly to-do lists. I also have numerous headers for my goals. At school, I utilize headers to monitor things like missing work, intervention cycles, and tasks I require to deal with next.

You can download my.

Days of the week checklists for the classroom

Instructor Google Keep Headers. to help organize Keep for your home and your class. There are 75 headers included, with 25 in each of 3 designs: one white and black, and two colorful choices. Pinned Notes.

One of the features I like finest about Google Keep is the pinned notes choice. To pin a note, simply hover over the top right corner of the push and the note pin icon comes up. Perhaps you keep your to-do lists pinned at the leading and your student lists at the bottom.


Whether you like things black and white, or filled with color, Google Keep allows you to tailor the color of each of your notes. You can utilize the colors as an organizational tool. Or, simply utilize color for visual appeal.

Other Google Keep Tips.

There are many other parts of Google Keep that I enjoy and that make it great both in the class in the house. Here’s some of the other components available


Searching your notes is so basic! Simply type it in to the leading search bar and go. Google Keep likewise has the ability to browse the material of images you have actually saved! While that’s absolutely not a best search, it can be helpful if you use Keep notes to conserve images you wish to referral later on.


Simply like Gmail, Keep permits you to identify your notes. If you’re utilizing Keep to track a lot of pieces of info, it can be helpful to utilize the labels to narrow down what’s displayed at specific times.


Reminders are among the less popular functions of Keep however it’s one of the finest! On the bottom left hand corner of the note is the clock icon.

The suggestion menu allows you to select from a time based tip (what we ‘d generally anticipate), and a place based tip (ok, what?). The time based reminders allow you to get a notice (on Chrome if you have that setting made it possible for, and on your phone if you have the app) at a time you define. You are able to set up the pointer to be a time of a day, or a particular time. There’s likewise tomorrow and next week developed in as quick time choices Google Keep location and time reminders

Now my preferred part- the location based pointer. The number of times do you forget to do something in the morning at school that you considered the night prior to?

Reminder menu options

When I get to operate in the morning I need to rapidly copy the math exit ticket that I forgot today!.

Yes, you can have your phone’s assistant remind you at a particular time. However, you can likewise set up a place reminder in Keep. You are able to put in particular addresses, integrated areas that you have Google acknowledge (I have mine established for home and work), or the names of places. When you get there, your phone will send you that tip!


You do not need to use the images feature just for headers. While that’s the location the image always goes, you can certainly keep other images in Keep to keep an eye on. If you don’t include other text to the note, the image is displayed essentially by itself. This is fantastic for taking pictures of things you wish to keep in mind. Like a parking area in a garage throughout a getaway. Or, the paint color you’re painting your kitchen. In the classroom, this may be a student’s deal with a whiteboard. You’re able to identify all of that trainee’s work with his/her name and keep copies of those images all in one place.


On the app, you can tape-record yourself and wait as a note. Google also transcribes it and includes it as text to the note. With the recording available on the note to reference, it’s a nice way to conserve a long time over typing- especially on a phone.


You can add partners to particular notes which makes this such a great grade-level cooperation tool. Just click the add partners icon and share. Preparation your grade level performance and need to divvy up the tasks? Make a list, show your team, and interact. Each of you will understand what’s already done and can keep track of the project together.

Google Keep Chrome Extension.

If bookmarks and Pinterest aren’t adequate web organization tools for you, then Google Keep is there for you! For text, highlight what you ‘d like, right-click, and pick to conserve to Keep.

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Google Keep Headers for Teachers

Google Keep Headers for Teachers . There are 3 various designs to select from with 25 different headers in each. You might likewise have an interest in the other. Google posts and tutorials. .

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