How to Get Your Resume Past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Think once again if you believe it’s employers and hiring managers are neglecting you and your resume.

98% of Fortune 500 business and a great deal of mid-sized corporations are utilizing some kind of a candidate tracking system (ATS) to filter through the countless resumes they receive for their positions.

It is necessary to understand how the ATS works so that your resume gets seen, read, and doesn’t wind up in a black hole.

If your applying to tasks online and getting little to no action, among the very first things that you ought to do is make your resume Applicant Tracking System Friendly.

What is a candidate tracking system (ATS)?

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Whenever you look for a position online it initially gets processed by the ATS. In other words, prior to it ever gets into the hands of an employer or hiring supervisor at the company, it gets processed through an applicant tracking system (ATS). This software application helps recruiters by scanning for contextual keywords and crucial phrases, scoring them for importance and revealing just the most certified ones to the employer.

There are many software systems that keep task hunters from their dream jobs and there’s no guaranteed method of understanding how each recruiter will utilize the ATS, however there are best practices that you can implement on your resume to make certain it’s ATS-friendly.

1. Keep Formatting Simple

In order for the ATS to easily pull the text off your resume you wish to ensure you keep it simple. Complex templates, overstating features, graphics, and tables are all things you desire to remain away from.

Use a easy resume design template.and adhere to standard format in typical fonts like Arial or Verdana.

Be sure to send your resume in a Word doc instead of a PDF, or it can end up looking like this

how to get your resume through the ats

Click here to download a Candidate Tracking System friendly resume design template.

2. Nail the Correct Keywords

Every profession and industry has its own unique abilities of terminology, jargon, software, duties, and licenses — and the Applicant Tracking System is searching for them on your resume.

Which is why it’s a good concept to attempt to match and mirror the keywords you discover on a task description to your resume.

3. Scan Your Resume Each Time

A tool that will make it exceptionally easy for you to make certain you have actually got the appropriate keywords on your resume is a tool called. . As soon as you copy and paste your resume and the job description into. it will offer you a rating based on the scoring algorithms based on the top Candidate Tracking Sytems.

This is a complete convenience since you should be tweaking your resume for each position to make certain it’s getting through automated systems. It’s a lot more efficient and beneficial than attempting to figure it out through tag clouds.

Scan your resume to ensure it’s Candidate Tracking System Friendly

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