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I Am Done Teaching Yet!!!???!!!

Yes! I am lastly done! Friday was my last day! My recently of school was AMAZING! Since I kept mentor, it was terrific. Oh do not get me wrong we watched a film or more this week. I ain’t gon na lie to you! However I kept them VERY busy the other 4 and 1/2 hours of the day!!!

If I stop teaching they stop behaving! I likewise know better than to ask them to quiet read for 45 minutes so I can clean … So I prepared a jam-packed week including an amazing science activity.

This activity is SUPER engaging, simple to pull together, CHEAP, and makes me enjoy being a teacher!

I sent out kids around with a black trash bag requesting bottles. I forgot to tell them we only needed 30, they returned with 100. Little over achievers, much like there instructor! That was ideal because I used the additional bottles to let them do the project at home too..

Sink or float buddy science project
I brought a feather, gravel, pennies, a sponge to school. We generalized about why things sink and float.

Imagine an image here.

Why no photo?

Remember I am FRAZZLED!

My instructor brain can not remember everything..

Then the kids grabbed one of everything and headed to their desks to work in buddy sets. They anticipated what their materials would do. Would they sink or float?

In go the sponge, rock, cent, and plastic or foil. Kids know that they must take and communicate turn at all times when we are working as teams..

Getting ready to make our bottles for the sink or float buddy project
Sink or float buddy science project predicting together
Tip: only fill the bottle just 1/3 of the method. This indicates the label we include will not cover the drifting objects. Pointer 2: add the label last so that it does not get soaked..

Adding supplies during the sink or float experiment
Then each kid got a thinking mat. They drew and labeled each object inside their bottle, then they described why some things sink and some things drift … Buddies, I tell you they were smiling, engaged, leaning, and most notably not grumbling, pinching, chit chatting, or doing any of the stuff that drives us insane as instructors!
First graders discover what will sink and what will float

I made bulletin board system part for this because … well that’s what I do … I really like publication boards … I developed the lettering. All you have to do is print and cut. I have way more than 14 kids (I have 30) but this fits in the video camera frame.

I likewise did this photo idea from.

Buddy Sink or float Tinking Map
The minute I saw I understood I needed to do it! The results are simply too danged charming! And it took them a long time to do the composing!

This little guy (who is a gem and my Person of the Year award winner) composed that he will try be really smart in the way he fights and try not to die. Nope, not this kid. He wrote that with optimism and a cheerful plan for being a fantastic army man

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If you would like the writing template, get it my dear, and take pleasure in! Next year I will staple the students’ writing next to the giant lettering for an Open House screen. I miss the ipad … darn. thieves

When I grow up
Are you in love with the new pattern of grey and yellow? I believe it is a nod back to the 80’s grey and peach trend. I liked it then, and I love the brand-new variation now! I am Caring this bag! Polka dots and chevron, too adorable!
What do you think would take place if you toss last year’s grade book into the swimming pool as part of your Welcome Summer victory dance? Will it sink or drift? We generalized about why things drift and sink.

Would they drift or sink?New purse

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