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Transcription Jobs for Beginners with TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is a newbie-friendly transcription business that has transcription jobs for beginners.

transcription jobs for beginners no experience transcribeme

  • No prior transcription experience needed.
  • Hires transcribersworldwide, if they can get paid with Paypal and have good English skills (if transcribing in English).
  • .
  • Transcribers need to have a strong command of the English language and grammar; be able to recognize American English accents/speech; and have a decent typing speed.
  • It’s easy to sign up, submit a short type, pass their tests, get accepted and begin.
  • You have to pass a short grammar test and transcribe a short audio. After passing the tests, you will be put on a waiting list to get work.
  • You don’t need to have transcription software– just log in and type online.
  • You don’t need to have special equipment.

You require to use Google Chrome (free).To find out more about transcription work and discover out if transcription work.

OverviewTo discover more about transcription work and discover out if transcription work is right for you , register for my FREE general transcription mini-course

  • TranscribeMe! has English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Chinese and Japanese transcription tasks (I’m focusing here on English transcription).
  • You typically transcribe brief, simple audio files in between 8 and 60 seconds long.
  • Extremely versatile hours. You can work whenever you want.
  • An informative online training program will introduce the Transcriptionist Website and will take you through their style guide.
  • After taken an examination to prove that you can precisely transcribe audio and follow their design guidelines, you’ll be given short portions of audio to transcribe.

Using their user interface, you publish your finished transcription to an editor who either accepts your work or sends it back to you for corrections.

  • Pay
  • Pay starts at $15-$ 22 per audio hour for general transcription plus potential bonus offers which depend on speed and accuracy.
  • Transcriptionists with specific medical and legal backgrounds are paid a greater rate The pay is low but greater than similar companies that accept starting transcriptionists and need no experience and no commitment. They declare to have the market’ rates and top monthly revenues at $2,200.
transcribeme pay rates
  • ( average month-to-month earnings are $250).

You earn money weekly in US dollars through PayPal however need to reach $10 minimum to claim your pay.

How to Use.

To register, go to.

  • My Comments.
  • TranscribeMe is really newbie friendly and resembles Quicktate or Scribie that likewise offers transcription tasks for beginners.
  • TranscribeMe offers the most competitive pay scale compared to similar business that has transcription tasks for newbies.
  • You start with low incomes but have several opportunities for promos within a couple of months. You can go up relatively rapidly from transcriber to editor, customer and lead quality guarantee agent.
  • Many people discover the tests easy while some discover them hard. Individuals’s opinion will depend on their experience but they appear to be much easier to get started than others.
  • Versatile hours. Work as little or as much as you want.
  • The quantity of work differs but TranscribeMe provides a relatively stable work stream. Some workers complain about lack of work and this is a common grievance about a lot of companies that has transcription tasks for newbies. And they state that they will get you continuous work if you want to dedicate to a certain number of hours each week and offer quality work.
  • Numerous people mention that they supply good support, answer questions, help you when you have issues, and aid with mistakes while others grumble about the absence of support. Grievances appear to come from people who failed the tests and didn’t follow their style guide. My guess is that the people who offer quality work are getting assistance but that the company doesn’t wish to squander time with individuals who don’t have the skills to pass the test and don’t follow their design guide.
  • They assure training but workers say they do not supply training Numerous transcripts appear to get turned down don’t get paid for rejected records.Be mindful about this.
  • however bear in mind that anybody can use and their tests are easy so some individuals will get declined for poor quality work.

In general, this is a fantastic company for beginners. You can establish your abilities, gain insight into numerous industries, boost your resume, and turn into greater paying positions and tasks. If you are severe about doing transcription from home, inspect out this total. transcription starter kit.

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I have no connection to TranscribeMe! and I receive NO compensation for referring them. I’m supplying this details to help you get transcription jobs.

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