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Why Can’t I Get A Job? 16 Common Reasons

If you’ve been job looking for more than a month and have not gotten the outcomes you desire, this short article is going to assist you respond to Why can’t I find a job?

Go through the situations below, choose which one describes your circumstance best, and read what you need to do to fix it and get employed!

why cant i find a job

Why Can’t I Discover a Task?

Issue: Not getting any phone calls or interviews

If you’re sending out your resume, submitting applications and not hearing back, here are the potential concerns …

1. You’re not customizing your resume. Business get a lot of applications for many jobs. Your resume is not going to stand out unless you customize it a bit . Do this and you’ll get at least double the quantity of reactions. If you’re not doing this, it’s a huge reason you can’t get a job (or even an interview).

2. You’re not tailoring your cover letter or submission email. Choose one or 2 things that caught your eye about the business and made you ecstatic to apply. Relate your own skills to that and talk about how you can assist them.

3. You’re not obtaining adequate jobs. You can’t discover a job by simply using for a couple of minutes each day. I have friends who are desperate to discover a task and then inform me they’re sending out less than five applications per week. this case study. if you desire an excellent technique to make an application for jobs quickly and easily online.

4. if you’re applying for tasks in a new state or city make certain you’re. putting the best thing on your resume . Otherwise you might be scaring companies off.

5. You require to resolve it if you have a huge gap in employment. Compose them a cover letter or note. discussing the scenario . It’s a lot better than not stating anything at all. You might even have the ability to explain it right on your resume.

In general, if you’re not getting task interviews, the area to focus on is your resume. Your resume has one goal: to get you welcomed to interview. , if needed.

Problem: Getting rejected (or not hearing back) after the very first interview if you’re getting invited for phone interviews, your resume is probably all right. However if you’re not getting past those interviews, what you’re saying and doing on the first interview is the factor you can’t find a job. I recently developed a job interview cheat sheet with the precise actions I suggest following to prepare yourself for your interview. If you desire the exact actions to follow, read below. Or here are a number of the most typical concerns and how to repair them …

1. Select something specific that you’re targeting in your task search, and determine how it connects to this business.

Companies desire to make certain you’ve considered your task search and know what you’re searching for. Now you have an excellent answer if they ask why do you wish to work here? As an employer I see a lot of people fail to do this in the interview, and it’s a huge reason they can’t discover a job quickly or quickly.

2. Understand and do some research study what the business does, how they make money, when they were established, etc. This will help you with the preliminary concerns they usually ask … like what do you understand about us? You’ll appear way more ready general.

3. Prepare to describe that if you were fired or laid off. A weak explanation may be a deal-breaker. (And do not ever blame coworkers or past companies. Just be responsible and reveal what you’ve gained from the experience, which you’re prepared for your next obstacle). 4. Make certain you can clearly explain the job modifications you’ve made in the past. ?

I had a friend just recently ask me: Is it an indication of an unskilled job interviewer when they ask you to stroll them through your resume. And they want to hear the information that can’t be discovered on the resume, like why you moved from company to company, what made you choose to begin working in a new market, etc. Tighten up the story up and make sure it’s clear.

5. If it’s not anything above stopping you, it’s how you’re describing your qualifications

Have numbers, examples and stories to share and sound thrilled about it! And any time you can reveal improvement (like getting a promotion), do it.

Issue: Surviving several interviews, but no task deal. Okay if you have actually made it this far, you are extremely close. Here are a few things to take a look at …

1. You’re not customizing your answers enough. To get hired for competitive jobs, being outstanding in basic isn’t enough. You truly require to look at the task description, and think of how your abilities suit THEIR REQUIRES. This is what the business cares most about. When they’re asking about your skills, try to provide it as how you can assist them, or how you can solve their issues. 2. You’re not asking good questions. .

Make certain you’re asking a minimum of one or 2 questions to each person you talk to with. Not asking concerns in the interview is a telltale sign that you either don’t care really much, or want to take any task you get since you’re desperate. Here are 105 good questions to ask in the interview. 3. You’re disappointing interest and following up. Business want somebody who is delighted to work for them and interested in the chance. This implies you ought to be sending. Thank You notes. after each interview, and interview follow up e-mails.

If they don’t update you with feedback in the time period they said you spend hours obtaining tasks, going on interviews, and so on. Do not skip a 5 minute action that could be the difference in whether you get worked with or not.

4. Recommendations.Companies do not inspect recommendations till they’re pretty sure they wish to employ you. If you’re getting to this point and not getting employed, the referrals you’re providing may be why you can’t find a task. A lot of people offer recommendations without ever learning what they’re going to say. I have actually gotten on the phone to check referrals and had them state I would not hire that person once again. So do not just ask people if they’ll be a reference for you … ask if they’re comfortable being a POSITIVE reference. 5. Wage …

Are you saying an incredibly high number and scaring companies off? Examine. Glassdoor’s wage estimator tool.

If you’re not sure, or ask some close colleagues or buddies. Or utilize my preferred line when they ask what you’re looking to make: My priority is to find the best-fitting position for my career. After that, I want to consider any offer you feel is fair..

6. Keep going, it might simply be bad luck

Great companies get a lot of candidates. It’s possible you did whatever right, got to completion of the process with a couple of other candidates, and the business needed to make a tough option and chose somebody else.

Fortunately is that if you made it through several interviews, you did practically everything correctly and you’re really near getting employed!

How to Utilize This Details to Discover a Task.

If you follow these steps to find out where your task search is stalling or failing, and after that take the suggest steps to fix the problems, you will be a lot more most likely to find a task I’m not stating this is simple, and if you found this page, you’re probably quite frustrated and feel like you’ve attempted a lot already. You CAN improve. Every job applicant can find something on this page to improve. If you can’t discover a job, bookmark this page and use it as a reference to enhance and adjust until you do discover a task. And if you have interviews turning up and don’t desire to leave anything to possibility, I just recently created a job interview preparation cheat sheet where you can. .

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