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How to Establish Google Analytics on Your Blog AND What to Examine

To understand what strategies work or not, and to see your blog site’s development in time you require to examine traffic.

There are numerous various methods to track website statistics, but Google is the most known and accepted. Let’s look at how you can set it up on your WordPress website and what I think deserves evaluating.

When I initially began blogging in 2017, I would examine Google Analytics every 20 minutes hoping for a wonder. It’s a waste of time, so don’t resemble me.

Now I check it once a day or as soon as every few days and the outcome is getting more vital work done! We are developers, so lets produce!

Installing Google Analytics on a WordPress Blog

Action # 1.

Go to , choose the e-mail address you wish to connect your website to and register.

How To Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Blog and What to Analyze - Traffic Overview

Action # 2.

Fill out information about your site and consent to conditions and terms.

How To Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Blog and What to Analyze -

Action # 3.

You will be required to a page immediately with your unique tracking ID and Code. Copy the International Site Tag.

How To Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Blog and What to Analyze

Action # 4.

Paste the code on your site.

To do that without risking to break your website I suggest installing a plugin called Footers and headers.

Which is one of the only 10 Plugins I use on my blog.

After you triggered the plugin, go to settings -> > insert headers and footers.

How to Install Plugins In WordPress Headers and Footers

Paste the code you copied from Google Analytics into the Scripts in Header Area and click Save.

How To Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Blog and What to Analyze -

And you are all set!

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What to Focus on Within Google Analytics?

Now, let’s look around the Analytics. Dashboard. It’s a quite complex website and it is so easy to get lost in details and to begin evaluating each and every single statistic! Let’s not do that as it doesn’t develop any real value.

That said, there are a few things you wish to focus on which we will discuss in a 2nd.

However initially, let’s look at the menu.

How To Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Blog and What to Analyze Dashboard Overview your go-to place for an overview of your website’s efficiency. You can likewise personalize what turns up on this page via the Customization tab.

Actual time shows the current statistics, like the number of visitors are on your site at the moment, which page, where they are coming from and so on

.Audience. is where you can find out about your audience in depth. Remember your avatar? Here you can see if it matches with individuals reading your website are rather similar. (Age, Sex, Demographics, Interests, Behaviour and more).

Acquisition tab will help you understand how do readers find your website (Google, Social Media, Direct etc.).

Behavior is my preferred. It will inform you how users act on your website: what are they checking out, just how much time they invested on your site, how do they travel from one page to the next and so on

.Conversions. If you are planning to set up and track goals, are fantastic.

And obviously you can find out more about Google Analytics from Discover and change setting in Admin locations.

Now, when you are in fact evaluating the dat, there are going to be a few terms you require to comprehend.

  • Sessions# of engagement on your website for a specific amount of time. It consists of one or more pageviews, events, e-commerce and other interactions.
  • Users the # of individuals who visited your website and started a minimum of one session.
  • Pageviews the number of pages were viewed by all users.
  • Pages/ Session The typical number of pages visitors view in one session.
  • Average Session Period Demonstrates how long users remain on your website per session.
  • Bounce Rate bounce is when someone only visits one page in one session. When they leave they bounce off of your site. Bounce Rate is the percentage of sessions with only one pageview.

There are naturally lots of others and if you are ever uncertain what a term means, you can constantly hover over a term., and Google will reveal you their definition.

How To Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Blog and What to Analyze - Traffic Overview

When you are just beginning, it will feel overwhelming, I understand.

But it’s such an essential tool for your blog not just to see how much traffic you are getting but to see what’s working and what’s not, how users are communicating on your website and where you require to make improvements.

Let’s look at Google Analytics a little bit closer and in fact start evaluating the data.

For you, these stats might not be available just yet if you are only beginning to develop your website. However, you will discover yourself utilizing this tool all of the time so let’s get knowledgeable about it now.

Let me reveal you how to gain access to a couple of basic reports I analyze often.

On my 2 blogs, I like to know

  • where the traffic is coming from.
  • and how it’s interacting with my material.

Where is The Traffic Coming From?

To learn that we will have to go to Acquisition-> > All traffic-> > Channels.

How To Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Blog and What to Analyze - Traffic Overview

Because it reveals me, this report is extremely handy how individuals get to my site, how lots of pages they check out and for how long do they remain.

I might go to if I desired to look even further than that Acquisition -> > All Traffic -> > Referrals and choose Pinterest.. This will show me which pins are generating the most traffic. Then I can create more of such pins or articles that resemble the ones that currently work.

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How do Visitors Behave?

In order to comprehend better how visitors act on my website, I like utilizing Habits Flow To access it go to Behavior -> > Habits Circulation.

How To Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress Blog and What to Analyze - Traffic Overview

This report shows me precisely where people are coming from, on what page they are landing and what other pages they go to from there.

You can likewise pick the first section to be anything you desire: landing page, acquisition, source, medium, project, etc

. I like this graph of behaviour!

Making Improvements Based Upon Analytics.

A lot of bloggers agonize over the typical Bounce Rate being expensive. I wouldn’t fret about it excessive, due to the fact that only so little you can do.

On the other hand, you can take a look at single pages and their efficiency. If the average bounce rate for you is 80%, but among the pages has a Bounce rate of 99%, I would consider working on enhancing it. One by one you will get your typical % this way.

To check these stats, go to Habits -> > Website Content -> > All Pages.

Google Analytics will rank all of your content by the most visited pages and they are precisely what you ought to focus your attention on at the beginning.

However, bear in mind likewise that in a few of the pages you DESIRED a high bounce rate!


Well, if you are attempting to send individuals to pass a product you are associated with, or if you are sending them to purchase your item– then you desire a high bounce rate!

For example,. an article on the sketchbooks I advise for artists to get. I desire them to then go ahead and acquire one through an affiliate link I’ve consisted of. Since, the bounce rate on this page is 90.33% and I will not be focusing my attention on enhancing it I comprehend the purpose of this article.

Blog Traffic Example Overview in Google Analytics

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How can you actually improve the Bounce Rate so people keep searching around your blog?

I found that there are a few manner ins which helped me

  • Link to other posts inside your posts. Pointing out a topic you formerly discussed? Link to it!
  • Ensure you have a search bar available. If somebody can’t find the answer to their question, they might attempt looking for it on your site.
  • Have Popular or Current Posts widget on your sidebar with images. Individuals like clicking on appropriate images that may help them out or merely evoke interest.
  • Gather emails! If you desire somebody to return to your site. later.on, collect their email and then send them blog site updates.

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