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How to Get Into Voice Over Work

How to end up being a voice actor

Have you constantly been complimented on the sound of your voice when on the phone?.

Or, are you terrific at reading bedtime stories by utilizing creative and creative character voices when checking out to your kiddos?

Then you simply may have the makings of a fantastic voice over.artist.

Voice Acting tasks pay well and can be a versatile way to earn money from house.

Let’s look at what is voice over work and how you can begin with this career.

What is a Voice Over Artist?

A Voiceover star is someone who uses their voice to read a script to tell, promote, communicate or discuss without really being physically seen.

Let’s simplify this, Voiceover task chances are all around us.

While driving in your vehicle listening to your preferred radio station you heard various voiceover jingles and ear-catching introductions and outros on popular podcasts. That audiobook you just recently bought on Amazon, sounded fantastic, didn’t it? How about while sitting enjoying cartoons with your kids or your teens playing the newest computer game? These are all locations where voiceover work is done.

Popular Ways in Which Voiceover is Utilized

voice over artist

  • Audiobooks.
  • Radio and TV Commercials.
  • Video Games.
  • Animation for TV, internet, and film.
  • Podcasts.
  • Explainer e-learning training videos.
  • Taped Telephone Messages.
  • Store Announcements.
  • Transport Statements.

How to become a Voice Star

Gone are the days when you needed to go to a real studio and pay expensive fees to do demonstrations and voiceovers. Nowadays, with technology so easily readily available you can do voiceover jobs in the house and make a full-time earnings depending on how much work you want to put in.

To get started you will need some fundamental equipment such as a computer system plus quick web connection, a microphone, a pop filter, audio software, the most common being Audacity and a really, really quiet location to work. You don’t need a top-of-the-range home tape-recording studio to start.

Now that you understand what voiceover is and the basic devices you will require I will show you where to find voice over tasks from home to begin making a part-time or full-time earnings.

Here is a. totally free mini-course. ( with 7 videos) that addresses concerns on becoming an audiobook narrator. voice over artist

Voice Performing Jobs

Easy to sign up with, is the biggest neighborhood of narration artists, narrators, stars, and manufacturers. Jobs are published on the site every day offering freelancers with a variety of jobs to work on. The advantages of utilizing include auditioning only for the tasks that you want, estimating your own rates, access to dozens of opportunities daily, and having the liberty of making your own company decisions.

Fiverr and. Upwork

To get a voiceover task as a beginner you can produce voice-over gigs and sell them on the platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. For Upwork you might need to do a couple of tests. These platforms run as markets, and there are lots of individuals looking for voiceover services.

Simply Sign up for an account with Fiverr include some terrific demonstrations of varying styles and you can start earning almost immediately. Do not let the $5 Fiverr tag scare you off however, as your experience and need grow you can rapidly scale up your fees.


Filmless is another excellent alternative for promoting your voiceover services. The website possesses working with freelance voiceover artists from all over the world and connecting them to interested consumers. They suggest having your own studio as a perfect method of working with Filmless, it is not a requirement. A quiet corner of your walk-in closet will work simply as well as I understand someone who really began like this.

Snap Recordings

Snap recordings is a company that employs individuals sometimes to work from home as voiceover artists. You can provide voiceover services such as phone greetings, voice prompts, and messages on hold. The significant requirements to sign up with Snap Recordings include having your own voiceover demonstration, and the ability to make prompt shipment of voiceover recordings.

Voice Bunny

Working as a freelance voiceover artist at Voice Bunny is rather easy. You have the flexibility of setting your own costs and you get paid for every voiceover recording you do.

Voices 123

At Voices 123, you get to deal with customers straight so. a portion is not deducted. There are no commissions or agent charges taken by the business considering that it is an open market location. The site brings customers trying to find voiceover services directly to your email daily. When a client contacts and hires you as a voiceover artist, the transaction and direct invoicing occur in between the both of you for the regards to the project.

Get in touch with Customers on LinkedIn and Facebook

Once have a variety of voiceover jobs under your belt make sure to update your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Sign up with groups to display your professional voice acting capabilities, skills, and work experience. They are both fantastic platforms for networking and getting additional voiceover job opportunities.

Other Alternatives to Find Voiceover Work

There are many other options such as checking out job boards such as FlexJobs and. For audiobooks, there’s ACX and Findaway Voices. For e-learning videos and industrial voiceovers, The Mandy Network and Bodalgo are also excellent choices to consider.

Voice Over Salary

voice over work

This is an excellent question as it varies depending on what platform you utilize, your experience, if you can do a number of character voices and accents however the average as soon as you have a bit of experience can be anywhere from $100– $400 per audio minute if you’re a drama student this would be a fantastic side hustle to begin and it can grow to bigger and better things.

. According to. ZipRecruiter,.the nationwide average voice actor wage is $71,373/ year.

( since 8th April 2019).

Don’t forget, kids can likewise get included in voiceover work, simply consider the character Peppa Pig. You may not be mindful but a lot of the time ladies tend to be the voices of kids in animations.

It’s an excellent concept as your voiceover experience grows that you sign up with more than one company if you wish to constantly be in work to start making an excellent earnings.

More Job/Career Ideas & Resources

So you see you can easily begin making a terrific income from the convenience of your own house just by talking all the time. If you want more information on how to enter into the voiceover company there are many YouTube videos that can offer you a basic summary from more experienced voiceover actors.

There are many alternatives for earning money from house that I hope with the list offered above that you will think about voiceover work as another work from home chance to make a full-time earnings or as a side hustle if you prefer.

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