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How To Make Money While Searching On Google — $14/Hour

I bet you browse on Google each and every single day at least as soon as, however did you ever believed that you can really generate income while searching on Google? Well, you can and you can make money even $ 14/hour working as online search engine evaluator with couple of websites I’ll share here.


However first, let’s speak about what it really is and why this task is necessary.

So search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on and so on uses really complicated algorithms to identify results which everybody sees. Nevertheless, it is not that clever to determine appropriate search results.

Not pertinent means that while looking for specific thing you get at least one unrelevant, unrelated outcome, and it shouldn’t be there at all.

S.o here comes real human to assist and judge results depending on quality, relevance, is it useful or not and so on. With this information algorithms can enhance better and show as relevant outcomes as possible.

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How Can You Make Money While Searching On Google?

The task itself is mainly called search engine evaluator. To get a task you need a site which uses that kind of job, so I’ll list them later on this post.

This is not a part-time or full-time employment, trigger you register as an independent specialist. As not all individuals on the planet can take part, you’ll need to go through a certification test, which is not that difficult however it requires time and you’ll not make money for it.

What you will have to do?

Of all, when you sign up, go through qualification test and get a job, you’ll get all the details what to browse for and what to look at and like that make money while searching on Google.

You’ll try to discover unrelevant search engine result on specific keywords they’ll provide you. In some cases you will not discover them, but it’s completely fine, you still earn money.


.for example, you browse on Google for hilton hotels and the outcomes need to be only about hotels. I believe you could report it as unrelevant search results as you’ve search for hotels.

Essentially, this is what you’ll have to do when they provide you what to look for. This is a simple task, although, to make a decision whether it matters or not might be hard sometimes.

Benefits and drawbacks Of a Search Engine Evaluator Job.


You work from house. You have the ability to make earnings without leaving your house, which is actually remarkable thing in all of the online tasks out there. To work from home and make money while browsing on Google? What can be much better?

You select your own schedule. You can work as much or as little as you want, no necessary work schedule here. You can take day of rests, don’t require to do this each and every single day, and you can also take breaks between tasks.

High pay for such a task. As this job is really not that hard, the pay of around $14/hour is actually nice.

You discover new things. As in any other job, you find out something new all the time, you see what ranks for a particular keyword and can even use this for your own company.



You have to pay your own taxes if there are any. As an independent professional (not a staff member), if there will be necessity, you’ll have to pay taxes yourself.

The work is irregular. You can not expect to work chance every single day, which means you’ll not make money as frequently as you wish to.

You will most likely get paid once a month. Some website may provide paying when a week, but primarily it’s as soon as a month and no other choice. Then, if you’re all right with that I don’t see any problem here.

No task benefits. You will not get benefits like medical insurance, holiday pay, compensation for being fired etc, due to the fact that you’re working as independent contractor. Although it’s not a huge problem, since if you’ll ever begin your own online company, you’ll have to look after these things yourself too.

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Where To Discover These Jobs & & Generate Income While Searching On Google.

As I stated I’ll share couple of websites where you can discover search engine evaluator jobs to make money while browsing on Google, so here are 3 of probably finest websites.

1. Appen.

Appen is a business who enhances maker learning with human touch. They are continuously working with for various job categories like raters, language tasks, microtasks and corporate jobs. To find a search engine critic job you need to click on find versatile jobs and after that apply on raters section. They’re using jobs worldwide.

According to Glassdoor, Appen is paying around $15/hour for such job.

2. Lionbridge.

Lionbridge concentrate on Service Process Crowdsourcing and they also have different job chances depending upon your location. You’ll discover online search engine evaluator job but not in all nations mostly. Generally simply check out their Employees section by choosing your country.

According to Glassdoor Web Accessor task (which is the same as search engine critic) pays $14/hour.

3. RaterLabs.

RaterLabs is in fact Appen’s another company and most likely almost the like Appen, but as it is truly hard to find I’ve thought I would discuss it here. Basically, I’ll leave a link straighly to application process, you can read what they offer and after that select your country you live in to start application.

According to Glassdoor, RaterLabs is paying around $ 13/hour for such job, although it can be higher as in Appen.


All of these websites are incredibly legit, although you can find couple of complaints about it, which are mostly about not making money for credentials test or getting only like 15-20 hours of work weekly. I don’t believe you should grumble about these things, simply be conscious that this is how it works.


As you can see you can earn rather a bit of cash from this kind of task, called search engine evaluator. By selecting among these sites I’ve mentioned you’ll not get rich or make a full-time living probably.

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This is in fact a fantastic online task, which not everyone understands about and misses out on a possibility to earn cash while browsing on Google itself, and we all do that everyday. I extremely suggest it if you have complimentary time in your life for this kind of task.

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