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How to increase your transcription speed

How can you transcribe quicker? Do you wish to become a faster and much better transcriptionist? How can you make transcription much easier?

Your typing and transcription speed are essential to make great money as a transcriptionist.

When you can transcribe fast, you’ll get more work performed in less time. You’ll have the ability to get additional transcription tasks that need a fast turn-around time (TAT) and you can improve paid transcription tasks.

Of course, no matter your speed, it’s necessary to supply accurate records.

Here are 21 pointers to increase your transcription speed and productivity and end up being a much faster transcriptionist:

1– Utilize a good computer.

Use a computer with a fast processor. And do not have more programs open than you require.

2– Improve your typing abilities.

To become a fast typist, you must use the correct fingers for the various secrets and type without taking a look at the keyboard. Typing tutorials provide exercises that will assist you improve your touch-typing abilities, increase your typing speed and improve your accuracy.

3– Using transcription software will double your transcription speed.

Transcription software opens the digital audio file and permits the transcriptionist to listen to the recording and type what they hear. The software application can stop, forward, rewind, decrease or accelerate the taping to make typing simpler and quicker.

Have A Look At Express Scribe, FREE, popular transcription software application.

NOTE: You require to utilize audio playback software– NOT speech acknowledgment software application to do transcription work.

Short article: What is the best transcription software application.

4– A foot pedal will immediately help you transcribe faster.

Utilizing a foot pedal will instantly increase your transcription speed. The foot pedal enables you to stop briefly, forward and rewind the audio while keeping your hands free for typing
Post How to pick a foot pedal.

AltoEdge Transcription Foot Pedal Bundle.

5– Utilize an excellent quality headset.

A headset will offer you much better, clearer noise, blocks out noises in your environment, assists you hear much better what’s being said and will increase transcription speed and accuracy. You’ll have to rewind less frequently and will get the job done quicker.

Post How to choose a headset for transcription.

6– Practice to increase your transcription speed and precision.

Download totally free transcription software, install a foot pedal and practice transcribing anything you hear. Your transcription speed will keep increasing with practice.

The best way to learn general transcription is by taking a specialized course or utilizing transcription practice files. It will speed up the learning procedure, help you start quicker, make you a much better transcriptionist and assist you get higher paying jobs. Take a look at my general transcription practice files.

7– Take a transcription course.

Taking a course will accelerate your learning curve significantly. And it will teach you how to do transcription properly. I recommend this in-depth, multi-media general transcription course.

You can if you’re not ready to get started in transcription or to take a course check out a career in basic transcription. with my FREE general mini-course.

8– Change the speed of the audio as required.

Set the speed of the audio to match your typing speed. After completing the records, relisten to the audio at high speed to examine and edit it.

9– Use sound editors.

Noise or audio editors can filter out sound and enhance the audio so you can hear the voices much better. They can make it much easier to transcribe bad quality recordings. Audacity is a great free sound editor.

10– Learn Word’s Time-Saving Characteristics.

Word has many functions that can tremendously increase your transcription speed, consisting of AutoCorrect, AutoText, AutoComplete, Structure Blocks and faster way keys. Make certain to end up being knowledgeable about them. Also, learn typical formatting functions you’ll frequently need for transcripts such so as establishing margins, headers, footers, page numbering and indents so you don’t waste time when formatting your transcripts.

Read my blog post How to increase your transcription speed with shortcut secrets.

11– Usage Word’s integrated dictionary and thesaurus.

You can rapidly look up words you don’t comprehend with Word’s integrated dictionary and thesaurus.

12– Immediately transcribe quicker with text expanders.

Text expanders, likewise called word expanders can conserve transcriptionists over 30% of keystrokes, speed up transcription, minimize mistakes and increase precision. Start by using the Autocorrect function that comes with Microsoft Word. Learn more about text expanders here.

13– Set up transcription design templates to transcribe faster.

Conserve time by setting up design templates for the kind of work you typically do. Set up transcription design templates for each type of transcription you typically do. For example, set up templates for two-person interviews with interviewer and interviewee, multiple speaker interviews, focus groups, meeting minutes, narrative history, legal pleadings, apa style report, MLA style research study template for academic work and more. Templates can include margins, titles, headers, footers, page numbering, paragraph spacing, imprint, font style type/size and more.

14– Prevent distractions, external sounds and disturbances from other individuals.

As much as possible, work in a quiet environment where you’ll get the least quantity of interruptions.

15– Get great audio quality.

Make clients aware that the quality of the recording will affect the quality of the records and offer pointers to improve the quality of their recordings.

16– Communicate with your customers about their transcription needs.

Ask what sort of records they want, what the function of the transcript is and what information is necessary to them. Inform clients that the kind of transcript they need will affect the time to transcribe it and the expense. Strict verbatim transcription will take longer to transcribe than intelligent verbatim. Smart verbatim transcription cuts out redundant words, repeats, stops briefly, ‘ums’ and the ‘ers’, fillers such as type of, sort of, you know. Find out if you can avoid parts of the content that are unimportant to them and conserve transcription time. You may not need to transcribe background sound and other sounds that are not made by the individuals.

17– Request documents.

Ask clients to offer a list of uncommon words or other documents that consists of much of the terms utilized throughout the recording such as the name of the job, jargon and any technical, specialized, abbreviations or other unknown terms. Ask for the speakers’ names and other names pointed out or ask to spell them at the beginning of the recording.

17– Transcribe topics you’re familiar with.

When starting, start with much easier tasks that don’t consist of specialized terms and work for industries you recognize with. If you’re transcribing topics you’re not knowledgeable about, you’ll have to look and do some research study up unknown words which will slow you down.

19– End up being acquainted with the terms and jargon of the industries you’re transcribing for.

Each market has specific terms and lingo associated with it.

20– Find out how to research study details online.

When you become skilled at Web research study, you can quickly and quickly discover about any topics you need to know more about
Here’s a good short article on how to research study information online.

21– Assemble your own research materials..

Compile a list of words you typically come across for the markets you’re working with. Keep a list of specialized words handy for recommendation. Set up faster ways for those words with text expanders.

22– Gather resources.

Try to find specialized glossaries and dictionaries online. Here are some resources to assist you find out some spellings and meanings
Abbreviations & & Acronyms Dictionary
OneLook Dictionary Browse.

Make sure to implement those pointers to increase your transcription speed. Increasing your precision, speed and effectiveness will impact your turn-around time and assist you become a more sought-after and competent transcriptionist.

Tools to assist you end up being a faster transcriptionist.

Not exactly sure if basic transcription is ideal for you?

All set to start in general transcription?

Although official training is not required, I motivate beginners to get specialized training. Taking a specific transcription course will get you began right. It will accelerate the learning procedure, assist you begin much faster, make you a better transcriptionist and help you get higher paying jobs.

Get this online, detailed, multi-media basic transcription course now.

Janet’s course consists of typing drills, transcription abilities, transcription formats, grammar abilities, Word formatting ideas, lots of practice files and far more.


Detailed, multi-media general transcription course now.

Practice basic transcription with transcription practice files. .

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