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12 Jobs for English Majors

English majors frequently have a deep passion for learning. Since they generally enjoy reading, writing, describing and discussing, numerous English majors go on to take teaching jobs. However that doesn’t mean they are limited to a life in education. English majors also go on to end up being attorneys, editors, press reporters and more. A bachelor’s degree in English can function as the structure for nearly any career in the liberal arts.

Here is a list of 12 possible jobs for English majors

Many Typical Jobs for English Majors.

1. Elementary/Middle School Teacher.

After earning a bachelor’s degree, those who aspire to teach in primary or middle schools need to finish an internship in a school classroom, pass the state-required test for instructors and get a teaching certificate/license..

The best advice would be to major in education if you are dead set on being an instructor. However if you’re still uncertain about what you want to do, a degree in English might ultimately assist you land a mentor task. As long as your degree remains in an associated field to the classes you aspire to teach, you will be all right.

Average annual wage: $57,350.

Typical entry-level degree: Bachelor’s degree & & teaching certificate.

Possibility that robots will take your task 0%.

2. College Teacher.


enthusiasm, communication and company are some of the most.

crucial qualities of a great college professor. To earn a job.

teaching at the post-secondary level, a master’s degree (and often a. doctorate degree), is required. In addition to mentor, some college.

professors also conduct research and write scholarly articles.

Median yearly wage: $64,480. Typical entry-level degree: Master’s degree. Possibility that robotics will take your task


3. Legal representative.

Some people who study English go on to be legal representatives, but, to do so, finishing a bachelor’s degree program is just the primary step. If you wish to become an attorney, you will also need to pass the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), use to law school, make a Juris Physician degree and pass the Bar assessment– all before you can begin to practice law. Normally, it takes 3 years to finish from law school, so the whole process takes 7-8 years. If you have an interest in earning your master’s in English while working towards your Juris Medical professional degree, some universities, including. Boston University.

, offer joint programs.

Average yearly wage: $119,250.

Typical entry-level degree: Juris Doctor degree.

Likelihood that robots will take your job


Specialized, Unique Jobs for English Majors.

4. Author. Like any art kind, writing takes commitment, strength and time. There is no golden guide to composing a very popular book, but that shouldn’t prevent you. You absolutely should if you have the passion and skillset to compose. For those just starting their writing professions, keep in mind that part-time jobs can assist you foot the bill while you’re working on your book.

Self-publishing has actually grown progressively common in the internet age. Generally, to have a book published, authors seek out an agent who can connect them with publishing companies that can select to print, release and sell a book. Usually, the publishing business will work out some legal arrangement with the author to buy the rights to a book.

Median annual wage: Varies.

Common entry-level degree: Varies.

Possibility that robotics will take your job

4%. 5. Editor.

And because there is public interest in numerous types of info, editors can work in all types of markets, including fashion, sports, politics, art, food and lots of more. Due to the fact that editors are often have the last appearance before composing is publicized, it is often a senior position.

Mean annual wage: $58,770.

Common entry-level degree: Bachelor’s degree.

Probability that robots will ake your task

6%. 6. Curator.

Librarians might be accountable for curating the books, online databases and additional academic products that comprise a library. Librarians can operate at numerous institutions, consisting of schools, public libraries, museums, law companies, non-profit companies and others. While it normally does not matter what your undergraduate degree remains in, many locations won’t employ you as a librarian unless you have a master’s degree in library science.

Median yearly wage: $58,520.

Common entry-level degree: Master’s degree.

Likelihood that robotics will take your job


Non-Traditional Jobs for English Majors. 7. Reporter.

Technically, there is no necessary degree to become a press reporter, but you will have a hard time discovering a job without one. The researching and composing abilities taught through studying English quickly translate to journalism and reporting.

Median annual wage: $40,910.

Common entry-level degree: Bachelor’s degree.

Possibility that robotics will take your task

11%. 8. Paralegal.

While many people don’t significant in English to end up being a paralegal, the research study skills taught through studying English equate well to paralegal positions. Usually, paralegals help legal representatives by looking into, drafting and arranging legal files. They are also often described as legal assistants. Hopeful paralegals require to have at least an associate’s degree and, in many cases, a paralegal certificate to make a job.

Typical yearly wage: $50,410.

Common entry-level degree: Associate’s degree & & paralegal certificate.

Probability that robotics will take your job


9. Education Administrator. Education administrators usually operate in educational environments, however not as instructors. Broadly, they are individuals in charge of managing administrative tasks within a school. They could be principals, however job titles may differ. You don’t require a particular bachelor’s degree to end up being an education administrator, but those who study English establish crucial thinking skills that equate well to the task.

Hopeful education administrators should go on to make their mentor license, work for a few years as a teacher, finish a master’s degree in education administration and, typically, pass a state test to get an administrator’s license.

Typical yearly wage: $88,890.

Common entry-level degree: Master’s degree & & administrator’s license.

Probability that robotics will take your job


Other Possible Jobs for English Majors. 10. Secretary/Administrative Assistant.

Individuals don’t usually study English to end up being a secretary, the composing skills translate well. And in some cases, secretary tasks are part-time positions that permit for extra time to compose, check out and pursue other interests.

Median yearly wage: $37,870.

Typical entry-level degree: Partner’s degree.

Possibility that robots will take your job


11. Substitute Instructor.

To be an alternative instructor, you need to first look for an alternative teaching license, which vary by state. When you’ve passed all of the necessary tests for your licensure, you can begin to apply to schools and/or school districts to be employed for replacement teaching tasks. Working part-time as a replacement teacher would be an excellent gig for aiming authors who desire to spend the majority of their time writing, however also require cash to foot the bill.

Average yearly wage: $28,270.

Common entry-level degree: Bachelor’s degree & & replacement teaching license.

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Possibility that robotics will take your job: N/A. 12. Freelance Author.

Normally, freelance authors have to pitch their concepts and offer previous writing samples, basically applying for a brand-new task every time they want to compose a story. Periodically, lasting freelance relationships can progress into full-time tasks. While, technically, there is no degree required to compose freelance, you may have a difficult time finding work without at least a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Mean annual wage: N/A.
  2. Common entry-level degree: Bachelor’s degree.
  3. Possibility that robots will take your job
  4. 4%.
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